Anne Episode 4 Preview: An Inward Treasure Born

Episode 4 of Anne begins on a sombre note, with a melancholy Anne refusing to go to school. Here’s the first scene from “An Inward Treasure Born.” [Warning: minor spoilers ahead]


She throws herself headfirst into her fantasy world, neglecting her chores and nearly setting the kitchen on fire. To borrow a phrase from our heroine, she’s “in the depths of despair,” and this brings forth some haunting memories from her life before Green Gables.

Anne Amybeth McNulty


At the insistence of Rachel Lynde, Marilla tells Matthew that Anne must return to school, despite the child’s protests.

Anne Ruby Gillis


Anne’s acting abilities kick into full gear as she pretends to be back in school. The ruse is up when Diana Barry and Ruby Gillis stop by Green Gables. Marilla surprisingly doesn’t let the girls know that Anne’s been lying about going to school, but does enlist some outside help to confront Anne about the deception. The intervention does quite go as planned … or does it? This also leads to an unease stirring within Marilla, and she actually questions her purpose in life. The season started with Marilla being steadfast in her beliefs and her way of living. To see that shifting is riveting.

Anne Jerry Baynard

This episode marks a point where Jerry becomes a sounding board for Anne, and also a voice of reason. She realizes that the world of possibilities that are open to her aren’t necessarily an option for him.

Anne Gilbert Blythe

A tragedy in town brings everyone together, and shows a side of Anne that nobody really knew existed up to this point. She remains rational and clear-headed while the others panic. Because of her actions, the townsfolk begin to see her in a different light. We also get a hint that Gilbert Blythe is not like the other boys in town.

Anne Matthew Cuthbert


Episode 4 is a pivotal one on several different levels, and sets new relationships and new ways of thinking into motion.

“An Inward Treasure Born” airs tonight at 8pm (8:30pm NT) on CBC.

Photos and Video Courtesy of CBC

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