Amber Nash & Lucky Yates Tease Archer’s Upcoming Sixth Season

Archer is finally back tonight, and to help you count down the hours until the Season 6 premiere, we have video featuring the cast from New York Comic Con this past fall!

First up is Amber Nash, better known as Pam Poovey. She told us that although last years Archer: Vice was fun to do, it couldn’t have gone on longer than a season. When asked about the newest addition to the crew, baby Abbiejean, Nash said that Pam is probably the only one equipped to take care of the baby with the exception of Lana, and that Pam wants to teach the baby about the world. Nash also mentioned that she really wants to see Pam date, perhaps dabble in some online dating, and have a boyfriend or a girlfriend for a few episodes. She’s really curious to see the kind of person that Pam would end up with!


Next, we have Lucky Yates, aka Dr. Krieger. He told us that Krieger isn’t allowed around the baby, but he get near Abbiejean and tests thing out on her. The team is back in the spy world and everyone falls back into their same roles, but this time, they’re juggling infant care with dangerous missions. Most importantly, he reminded us about the Krieger clones. We don’t know which Krieger survived, and if he’s evil or not. Only Yates and Adam Reed know which one it is!


Catch Archer‘s Season 6 premiere, tonight at 10 ET/PT on FX in the US and Teletoon in Canada!

Photo and Video by Melissa Girimonte. Copyright © 2014

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