10 Reasons to Watch Common Law!

Tonight marks the series premiere of USA Network’s next hit series, Common Law, so Senior Editor Kate Welsh and I have come up with 10 reasons why you should tune in:

1. The leads are dripping with easy chemistry, and the therapy conceit makes the “partnership/bromance is like a marriage” analogy explicit, so it takes it to a whole new level.

2. Wes is married and Travis dates a lot, so the show has a whole spectrum of relationship issues to play with.

3. Travis’s background in the foster care system means he runs into people he knows everywhere, and is comfortable in a wide variety of situations, so it will be interesting to see how that helps him solve cases.

4. They’re really smart and good at their jobs – this IS USA Network, where the leads’ superpowers are their brains.

5. There’s some mystery surrounding what happened to Travis and Wes and why they’re not getting along, so that will unfold throughout the season.

6. Underneath everything, it’s obvious that they really love each other.

7. The cast is pretty awesome, with Michael Ealy & Warren Kole as partners Travis & Wes, plus the brilliant Sonya Walger as therapist Dr. Ryan and the talented Jack McGee as police captain Mike Sutton.

8. The concept of sending cops to couples therapy is very entertaining – and amusing!

9. USA Network has mastered the art of the bromance, and if there’s going to be another dynamic yet dysfunctional duo that we’re going to fall head over heels for, it’s gonna be this one!

10. And finally, if we haven’t managed to convince you yet, this promo:

Common Law debuts tonight at 10/9c on USA – will you be watching?

And stay tuned to TheTelevixen.com for a Common Law Series Premiere contest announcement!

Photo Courtesy of USA

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