And Your 12th Doctor is … Peter Capaldi!

The Doctor Who Live special has just wrapped on BBC One, BBC America and Space, and Peter Capaldi is your new Doctor!

Yes, Peter Capaldi is set to become the 12th incarnation of our favourite Time Lord when Matt Smith leaves the series following this year’s Christmas special.

Capaldi’s previous credits include In the Loop, The Thick of ItThe Hour and was John Frobisher in Torchwood: Children of Earth.

Welcome to the Who-niverse, Peter!!!

What are your thoughts on the casting choice?

Photo Courtesy of BBC

One thought on “And Your 12th Doctor is … Peter Capaldi!

  1. Of course I forgot to watch it. Good thing I set the DVR. I won’t know really how I feel about this choice until I see Peter as the Doctor. But I do know I like him and have wanted to see more of his work.

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