Win a White Collar Prize Pack!

To celebrate tonight’s return of White Collar, we’re giving away a fantastic prize pack, courtesy of USA Network!

One lucky winner will win a White Collar Leisure Pack valued at $250! The package includes:

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To enter, simply come back to this post after you’ve watched tonight’s midseason premiere, “Checkmate”, at 10/9C, and tell us who you thought was the superstar in the episode and why. There are no wrong answers … one lucky winner will be drawn at random from the entries!

Contest ends at 11:59pm ET on Monday January 23rd.

Congratulations to our winner, Kasey Millar!

55 thoughts on “Win a White Collar Prize Pack!

  1. So I have to say that tonight’s star was indeed Peter Burke, aka Tim DeKay… I mean, he was absolutely brilliant tonight… I could feel his emotions.. and the way that he would do anything for El, and him saving Neal and vice versa… Tonight, Tim DeKay was FLAWLESS, it was a truly amazing showcase of his acting abilities!

  2. Wow, everyone had a big role in this episode, but I have to give big props to Elizabeth in this episode because she stayed calm under pressure, was able to relay a msg to Peter even after Keller said she shouldn’t and managed to get her guard out of sight long enough to escape. Go El!

  3. Matt plays a great thief on White Collar. Neal plays on other characters emotional and still gets the work done. White Collar Rocks and so glad new episodes are on the way.

  4. I think Neal was the superstar because he was willing to give up everything to save Elizabeth & for Peter at the end!! Love Neal!

  5. Neil (Matt Bomer) was the superstar! The shot Neil made at the end was super Neil! He was willing to give up everything to make Keller go away. AND Matt was excellent as always!

  6. I would have to say that Peter was the star that episode. He really owned that episode. Keller was just as good.

  7. I thought Peter was the superstar of this episode. He had so many internal struggles going on. He had to cross over to the “dark side” with his wife on his mind, as well as personal feelings of betrayal toward Neil and Mozzy. He rocked!

  8. There were so many superstars in this episode, but I would have to give this title to Neal. He was amazing, he always is. He has matured so much over the seasons and I really believe that he proved he has changed for good in tonight’s episode. He’s learned that there is nothing important than the people you care about, and I think that that is what makes Neal the superstar of the episode. It’s not the amount of skill one has, or how strong they are, but the size of their heart.

  9. To me tonight’s star was Elizabeth aka Tiffani Theisen! She is an essential part of the show and let them straight to her, not to mention using her wedding ring to bust the bullet proof window! Without her Peter wouldn’t be who he is and she was definitely the star of the show tonight!

  10. Mozzie. He was ready to cut all ties and leave (even though a part of him obviously didn’t want to) but his face when he read the note from Neal was perfect. His friendship with Elizabeth is one of the best parts of the show and they really showed it with this episode. His reluctance to deal with Keller was obvious and spot-on, and we got to see the lengths he’d go to to help Elizabeth.

  11. i have to say peter because he pretty much saved everyone and he kept everyone together and approached everything using his brain not his emotions

  12. Tim DeKay was stunning, I love his acting because it is so raw and real and he really makes you feel his emotions. His eyes especially draw you in. His normal acting is great but tonight he went above and it definitely made this episode one of my favorites!

  13. Elizabeth was the star tonight, fearless and composed through the entire ordeal. Keeping it together and getting out on her own all while still being concerned for Peter…Way to go!!

  14. I’ve got to give the superstar award for this episode to “Mrs. Suit” a.k.a Elizabeth Burke. She played a major role in her own rescue and came very close to escaping on her own. The way she manipulated the kidnapper was pure genius.

  15. Boy, only one superstar, that is a tough one. If you are making me choose, i would have to say (i know it will be unpopular) Keller. He ALMOST acted human in the back of the truck. Yet by the end of the episode i hated him again, lol.

  16. I’m torn between the Burkes!

    Elizabeth is pretty damn smart and cunning; I rarely see that in television. Big props for the writers for having such a strong and independent female character! And Peter, he’s a real hero. His character has been amazing throughout the run of the show. He shows such heart in his job and the people he cares about.

  17. The entire cast is amazing, but the breakout character/star for me in “Checkmate” was Elizabeth Burke. She kept cool under pressure, and she literally broke out of her captivity. Tiffani Thiessen is awesome as El!!!!!!

    I also thought that Neal wanting to confess tells a lot about how far his character has come in three seasons.

  18. Peter Burke! Tim DeKay has always brought so much to the character, but tonight’s episode really brought it all together. In tonight’s episode we saw Peter struggle through countless emotions regarding Elizabeth, Neal, and everyone surrounding him. Every look and glance said so much, his frustration, love, disappointment, anger, and that wee little bit of mischief.
    While everyone on the show tonight was a joy to watch, without Tim’s excellent work as Peter, the episode wouldn’t have had the impact that it did.

  19. WOW!!! What an awesome roller coaster ride of an episode!!! The writers outdid themselves tonight!!!!! Can’t wait until next week!!

  20. I think Neal was the superstar in this episode. Not only was he vulnerable allowing Peter to know all about his involvement in the treasure theft, but he also temporarily got over his fear of guns and saved Peter from being further harmed by Keller. We saw a different side of Neal in this episode, something that was much less alpha-male than his character usually is.

  21. Tim DeKay as Peter was tonight’s superstar, hands down. Worried husband, disappointed friend, top of his game FBI agent– he had them all down pat. It was great to get to see some different sides of many of the characters, but especially Peter.

  22. Tim Dekay was so amazing though the whole episode, but Matt Bomer was incredible at the end. He played the conflict that Neal is facing so believably and emotionally. Truly the entire cast is amazing!

  23. So much brilliance in tonight’s ep, but Neal wins my vote. He was willing to give everything up to save Elizabeth.

  24. Definitely Tiffani Theisen! Elizabeth was on her game tonight. Signaling Peter by using Satchmo, staying cool while faced with Keller, upping the thermostat to scare her guard, using her wedding ring to break out of the room she was being held and then hurting her guard enough to get him away from her so she could be safe when the FBI shot him.

  25. The superstar of tonight’s episode was definitely Neal. He fought Keller with only a shield! Also, Neal stopped Keller from killing the policeman. And most importantly, he shot Keller (an incredible shot by the way), even though he hates guns. He was also willing to go back to prison.

  26. I’m all about Elizabeth in this episode. She kept her cool, used her brain, and saved herself. I love the dynamic between Peter & Neal, but sometimes it’s fantastic to ditch the ‘boys club’ and watch one woman rock it all on her own. I love how El is consistently the rational one, where Peter is the heart, she’s obviously the brain (leaving Neal to be the soul, of course). Using the diamond in her wedding ring to score the glass? BRILLIANT!

  27. Definitely Tim DeKay…his emotions were so real and true, it was like his wife had really been taken–so easy to forget he’s just acting!

  28. I’d have to say Tim DeKay. He really showed the range that Peter has, with doing what he needed to do for Elizabeth, and even working for the “other” side. Definitely the superstar!

  29. Mozzie. He had the plan and gave up the treasure to save Elizabeth. He was willing to risk everything for a friend.

  30. My vote goes to, Neal. Not just because of how incredibly handsome and charming he is, (while that’s not such a horrible bonus) but because of the story tonight. Through every single high and low point you can see the story play out on his face. (We owe that to the dashing Matthew Bomer)
    When Peter asks him where the treasure is and he tells him he doesn’t know and Peter second guesses him, just that line of, “It’s Elizabeth, no lies.” Is so telling. Throughout the entire episode he knows this is because of him and he’ll do anything and everything to make it right. Including giving that full confession. He knows what will happen to him when he gives it, but he realizes that Peter is more than his F.B.I. guardian anymore he’s his friend, and what’s right has become more important than any “score.” You can see it in his eyes and he’s already said it, he has a life there and he doesn’t want to give it up.
    There is so much of an story told under the script that was written. The big questions were, “Where is Elizabeth?” and “What happens next?” In this episode I don’t even think Neal knew those answers and that is what made it such a cliff hanger every second.
    This is such a well written and well shot show. I can’t wait to see more! Thank you Jeff Eastin!

  31. All of the cast did a execellent job tonight. It didn’t matter if they were bad guy or good. So well written and acted was this episode that I felt like i was there. But one actor/character shined (spelled right?) above the rest. that being Mozzie. Most people probably disagree thinking that it is Neil or Peter, and I agree with them. But Mozzie is the one for me. Why? Because he could have ran with the treasure, left New York behind, but he didn’t. After finding out his friend was in danger he faced one of his worst fears by walking into the FBI. He didn’t act like it wasn’t partialy his fault, he blamed himself instead of another (a sigh of a good friend). To add to this throught the whole episode he didn’t complain once, while in every other episode no matter the situation he has complianed. This shows he really cared, and could put aside his own comfort to help another. Finnaly he was able to make up with Neil even though in his mind it was like Neil betrayed him. I could go on about Mozzie or any other character, but I will stop now, if only to save the person reading this a page long comment.

  32. EL! She rescued herself, was super smart and didnt have to resort to cliche seduction tactics! BAMF!Elizabeth rocks.

  33. I think Mozzie was the superstar. He had it all amd gave it up to save his friend. He could have run but he came back.

  34. Mrs. Suit! Elizabeth Burke was resilient, clever, and incredible as always. Getting to see more of her was a great addition to the episode. So glad she managed to escape on her own.

  35. For me, it had to be Elizabeth. Peter and Neal both have experience with keeping their calm under pressure, but Elizabeth hadn’t. Yet she was able to stay calm under pressure, slipped a message to Peter, manipulated the guard, and developed a very clever way to escape Shatterproof Glass. Even after all that, she still told Peter to save Neal first. She is Grace under Pressure.

  36. Matt Bomer…It was great to see Neal own up to his mistakes instead of just running. I think the past few seasons we have been watching his character grow into more of a man and not just a conman. He put down roots in New York and he was willing to do anything to protect the people he’s come to care about even going back to prison. I think it shows that he really has changed.

  37. The superstar is easy Ell she kept her cool and used her brilliance to outwit her guard and played on his fear of infection and to look Keller dead in the eyes and tell him that Peter and Neil were gonna kick his butt was priceless

  38. It would have to be Moz. The moment he comes back running, the evolution of his character seriously caring for someone that isn’t around to help him with a con. The moment in the truck when he’s talking to peter about the unattached life and how he cares about Mrs. Suit and… Moz definitely was one of the superstars of this episode.

  39. I’d say everyone was great in tonight’s episode, but overall the real star of the show was of course Tim DeKaye (Peter). He portrayed Peter’s emotions so well, from anxiety to anger to joy. Tim did a wonderful job!

  40. Mozzie cause he’s a rock star for his buddies, you know he cares for the Suits Wife, respects her, so he wouldnt give up on her.

  41. I just read each of the responses, and have agreed with each of them. Neal, Peter, Elizabeth, Mozzie–all so good. Neal was so vulnerable, Peter so anguished, Elizabeth so clever and self-possessed, Mozzie so stand-up. No one has mentioned Jones, who followed a slim lead and found Elizabeth at a pivotal moment…so I’ll cast my vote for Clinton Jones.

  42. In my opinion, Peter was the superstar because he put aside his understandable anger at Neal and Mozzie and worked with them to get Elizabeth back.

  43. Hmmm. Of course love Peter and Neal especially bro-ing through the broken trust to just take care of business, but gotta love El for keeping her cool and using her head to be way more than the damsel in distress. I love her character actually–more El! Mozzie gets major props for coming back when he heard Keller had Mrs. Suit and for having that homing pigeon trained as well, but his role after that was minimized. So, I have to go with Elizabeth.

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