Win a Lost Season 5 DHARMA Initiation Kit DVD Set!

There’s a bit of a surprise with the giveaway … we have 2 winners, one from Canada, and one from the USA. Congrats to Nikki from Florida, and Eileen from Ontario. Thanks to everyone who entered!

To celebrate the DVD release of Lost Season 5 on Blu-ray Hi-Def and DVD on December 8th, is having its very first contest!

There will also be a few exciting little surprises to share with all of you over the next couple of weeks – some sneak peeks at some of the special features that will be included as part of the DVD set. Be sure to visit daily!

One lucky reader will win a Limited Edition DHARMA Initiation Kit DVD set, courtesy of Buena Vista Home Entertainment.

Contest ends on December 7th at 11:59 pm ET, and is open to residents of Canada and the US.

To enter, leave a comment below that includes your favourite character from Season 5, what job you think DHARMA would give you on the Island, and which country you are from.

A winner will be selected randomly on December 8th.

Good luck – and NAMASTE!

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56 thoughts on “Win a Lost Season 5 DHARMA Initiation Kit DVD Set!

  1. Hmmm, Juliet has been my favorite since we first met her. Even more so in S5. I think I would have been one of the people greeting folks as they got off the sub… or maybe at the Orientation center? I think I’d be a good Wal-Mart greeter so I see myself being the same on the Island. 😉


  2. I hated Juliet in Season 3. Hated, hated, hated with a venomous passion induced by her lizard-like stares. But she was definitely my Season 5 favorite, especially when coupled with James LeFleur and his flower of love. Dharma actually gave me the job of minivan driver courtesy of that horrible ARG last season. I’m pretty sure that would work just fine with me. I’m from the USA.

  3. Sawyer. He always makes me smile!!! I would totally have to be an island greeter. Can’t you see me welcoming people & putting them in the vans to find out which crappy job they’ll have?!?!?


  4. Best character has to be Ben. Creeeeeeeeepy!!!!!
    My job would have to be the voice on the training videos – calm, authoritative…except for the outtakes – then I would laugh evilly at the impending doom of the islands inhabitants. Hehehehehehehe!!

  5. My favorite character from season five would have to be Sawyer. He has changed the most and for the best, and is a good leader.

    If I worked for the Dharma Initiative, I would be some sort of Communications officer. (That or I would be baking brownies to take to all the other hard workers! Haha.)

    I live in Indiana, USA. 🙂

  6. Okay so as you can probably tell, my fave character in s5 was of course the lovely nerdy stuttering Daniel Amazingness Faraday!!!! My heart was dropped on the ground and stomped into a millionbajillion pieces at the end of The Variable…. He is soo cute and just sooo unlike any character ive ever seen on tv!!

    My job would most definitely be Food-Girl, because me and Hurley would get along famously, and it doesn’t hurt that I’m an awesome chef!!

    Representing from Calgary!!!! Whooot!

  7. Sawyer is my favorite character. Not only does he add humor to the show, but his character has grown leaps and bounds to become a new confident leader among his fellow dharma losties. Plus who hasn’t loved seeing his evolution from liking Kate to loving Juliet?
    I’d be a dharma teacher because I’m currently teaching, I love kids, and I know how to handle a gun to protect them from hostiles! Also I already have the jumpsuit.
    I live in Texas, USA

  8. Oh! Hell! Some of us haven’t seen Season 5 yet! Some of us still think the most sexiest man alive (Sawyer) should git with Kate, and now you’re telling me he LOVES Juliet?! Sucks to your asmar!

    Sawyer is my world, and clearly I would be hired as the Dharma Initiatives’ concubine, duh.

    Sault Ste. Marie, Ont., Can.
    PS luv u Mel!!!!!

  9. So hard to pick a favorite character! I’m a big fan of Sawyer, Sayid, Juliet and Richard, but for season 5 (maybe just to be a little different), I’m going to go with Miles. His character really grew on me in season 5. I enjoyed the comic relief he provided with Hurley and (even though I saw it coming from a mile away) I liked the storyline with him and Dr. Chang also.
    As for a job, I’d probably either be working in the kitchen or (more likely) given some sort of manual labor job. I’m built for it!
    I’m from the U.S.

  10. I will forever be in love with Matthew Fox and his Jack Shephard! So dreamy…. I’d love to be lost on the island with him. As for my job with DHARMA I’d have to say employee social director. I’d organize the karaoke nights and stage manage the company play!

    Writing from Toronto!

  11. Favorite character: Faraday. And you’d better believe I’m still bitter about The Variable. =[
    As for what job Dharma would give me, I tutor so I could see myself being placed as a teacher but working in security would definitely be more exciting albeit kinda stressful!
    I’m in the US.

  12. I love a lot of the lost characters – but I think Ben really shined and drove most of the season forward.

    My job on the island? I’m a good cook so that, or the fact that I am a bit of a nerd, so maybe like a lab assistant.

    I’m in the US.

  13. My favorite character in Season 5 is Locke. He is turning out to be a more center-character, EVERYTHING seems to tie into him.
    I think Dharma would have me in the orientation program, I have always worked customer service, and I know how to dish out “programmed bologna.”
    I am in South Carolina, United States of America

  14. Juliet is my favorite character ever since she brought Jack that grilled cheese sandwich. I love morally compromised characters, and strong women are well worth loving. Plus, she has a great dry wit! I think the DI would probably set me up with a job teaching arts history and crafts to the children at the on-island school. I could teach Ben Linus to make macaroni collages or something. USA

  15. Miles. We may not have seen him the entire time, but he has daddy issues to the max (including time travel daddy issues!!). I’m from the US of A.

  16. I would say Jack is my favorite but really that is because I think he is so pretty. Character-wise though in Season 5 I would have to go with Juliet. When she was first introduced she was so intriguing and then as the seasons continued so did the love for her character. I thought she was one of the best parts of S5 (aside from some of the finale flip-flopping) and am sad to maybe see her go. I think Dharma would make me work behind the scenes organizing things for the new recruits. Somewhere that my OCD would really be beneficial.


  17. Wow, it’s really hard to pick favorites. I’d usually say Locke, but I’m not even sure what he was for half the season! So I’ll go with Juliet. She’s always been a favorite.

    Dharma would have me be a camera operator, definitely!

    I’m in the USA.

  18. It’s so hard to choose a favorite since it changes from season to season. It’s been Charlie, Desmond, Locke and Juliet all at different points, but would have to say, hands down, my favorite this season is Ben. So diabolical and Emerson completely deserved his Emmy win this season.

    If I were in the Dharma Initiative, I’d definitely be a the person giving out jobs at Orientation. Hopefully my HR experience could translate to island life. I’m from the USA.

    Thanks for all the great work you do for us TV lovers! Check me out on!

  19. My fav character is probably Locke. DHARMA would give me some security job since Im good at working those vcrs.

    Nelly [from NJ] USA

  20. My favorite character from season 5 of Lost has got to be Fake Locke. Now, this doesn’t mean I like Fake Locke. AbsoLUTEly not. In fact I HATE Fake Locke. Stupid reincarnated smokey or whatever, taking over our precious Locke. But the existence of this character is genius. We thought Locke was dead, then we thought he was back, then we were crushed to learn he’s been someone else the ENTIRE SEASON. Broke my heart. And poor Ben, lost & confused, no idea what to do, not the leader at all. AHHHH. I’m considering getting a Team Fake Locke shirt made, but…well…spoiler alert, you know what I’m saying?

    Hmmm…although I’m totally in love with Faraday…so…he’s my other favorite for very different reasons…

    If I was on the island, I’d be a janitor or a driver cause REALLY I’d be a Lostie in disguise 😉

    Rachel, USA

  21. My favorite season five character was probably Sawyer, who grew realistically from the rapscallion of the first four seasons into a solid, laid-back leader who was more fun to hang out with than the usual leaders on the show. And I would clearly be made a chef because I know my way around a kitchen. And I’m from the USA.

  22. My favorite character is Faraday, it is interesting to see how he explains the unique characteristics of the Island. I think I will work at the cafeteria, since I love cooking, but DI gives out jobs randomly anyway haha. I am from Hong Kong but currently live in US

  23. Have to go with a classic, my man Jack! I would probably be doing some orientation training since I have been doing that for a few years now. And I am from the good ole US of A!

  24. Juliette won me over in this season. I was not interested in her, didn’t like her or trust her until this season, and now I hate to lose her.


  25. My favorite character from Season 5 is Jack. He is so “lost” it’s hard not to love him and pity him at the same time! I think I would be a school teacher on the island. I am from the USA.

  26. Favorite Character in Season 5: Daniel Faraday (I love dorky smart people and he really loved Charlotte!)
    I would be given the job of an engineer for the Dharma Initiative or a scientist. I’m good with math, numbers, science, etc. Also, I love lab coats.
    I’m from the U.S.A.!

  27. My favorite character is Ben, the man you love to hate. Ben is the J.R. Ewing of this millenium! (And I’ve always hated Juliet. I hope she dies in the explosion.)
    The Dharma Initiative would assign me to deliver orientation training to new recruits.
    I’m from Canada. (pick me!)

  28. My favorite character from Season 5 has to be Jacob. It was such a huge payoff to finally “figure out” who he was and what his involvement with the island was.

    If I was to work for DHARMA, I would probably be assigned to Communications, possibly even a Communications Officer.

    And I’m from Missouri, USA

  29. My favorite character is Jack because he is the only one who actually looks like a human undergoing all these emotional changes rather than being a caricature. As for Dharma, I think i’d be a cook because I love cooking and would not want to bleed from the ears working on “mysterious” things. I’m from Houston TX USA! 🙂 and I love Lost

  30. hmm.. fav character probably between jack and hurley bc one is strong and the other makes me laugh and is part of the island itself the heart.

    dharma would probably make me a cook bc i love to cook and bake !
    and im from the usa, ohio

  31. My favorite character is Richard. Always seems to pop up mysteriously and we don’t know much about him.

  32. My favorite character is Locke. He’s had a tough life where he has been used over and over again. However once he arrives on the island he makes peace and becomes invested in the greater purpose of the island. Not fully understanding his place, he listens to its messages and acts in the best interest of the island.

    I think DHARMA would make me a worker at the Orchid because I am very interested in physics and time. Manipulating time is my dream.


  33. My favorite character is Jack, I love his integrity and his addictive personality. If I were in the Dharma initiative I would work on the medical team. I am from the USA

  34. I would have to say Ben Linus is my all time most favorite! He is so creepy and so smart. I cant ever figure out if he is good bad but I love him. He is a wonderful actor also.
    I would have to say that DHARMA would give me would be in there medical clinic as a doc or helper. Seeing that is what I do now, work in the medical field.
    I am from USA, Michigan

  35. Definitely Hurley- I love how he always brings humor into a situation.
    Job- production team making the Dharma Videos. I am a creative type person.

    Country= USA

  36. Kate is my favorite. She is talented and emotional. She and Jack need to end up together in the end of all this. I don’t think I would work for Dharma. I would be an other!! I’m from the USA.

  37. Locke has always been my favorite. I would be a shrink so I could get all the good gossip. USA

  38. Jacob (it’s about time we meet him and I’m anxious to find out more about him and his nemesis next season), I’d jump on the security team with Mr. Lafluer and miles, and I’m in the US.

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