Potentially Spoileriffic LOST Tweet – Who’s Coming Back?


Well, this could potentially be a spoiler, so if you’re avoiding any revealing info about LOST, stop reading now!

Carlton Cuse did reveal to TV Guide last September that Katey Sagal, known as John Locke’s deceased love Helen, would be making an appearance in the final season of LOST.

I know for a fact that she’s in tonight’s Locke-centric episode, The Substitute, but I guess this won’t be the last we see of Helen.

According to a tweet from Katey Sagal (@kateysagal), she’s made a return to the island – Hawaii, that is – to do some more work with Lost.

Sagal tweeted the following just before 3 pm EST:

“Back in Hawaii Still Lost”

For those who love their spoilers and speculating on what’s to come this season on Lost, weigh in with your thoughts on Sagal’s return to LOST! Will it be in another flashback? Will Helen and Locke reconnect in this parallel universe where Oceanic 815 made it safely to LA? Or will she appear on the Island like many other dead characters?

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