Vampire Diaries – Damon and Stefan Have Been Cast

After some casting choices that were disconcerting to Vampire Diaries purists, it seems that the choices for vampire brothers Damon and Stefan might receive the stamp of approval from fans.

Ian Somerhalder
Ian Somerhalder

In quick succession, Variety reported that Ian Somerhalder had been cast as Damon, while The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that Paul Wesley had landed the role of Stefan. Somerhalder is probably best known as Boone Carlyle on Lost. Wesley was most recently on 24, but I remember him best as Lucas Luthor, Lex’s younger half-brother on Smallville.

Paul Wesley
Paul Wesley

According to Televixen reader and Vampire Diaries expert Sheryl, these are two excellent choices for the blood drinking brothers. I’m thrilled at the prospect of seeing Somerhalder on my TV again soon. I think he’ll look really good in fangs!

So what do you think? Did the PTBs finally get some casting choices right for The Vampire Diaries’ pilot?

6 thoughts on “Vampire Diaries – Damon and Stefan Have Been Cast

  1. I’m commenting on this from the point of view of someone who is heavily involved in the L.J. Smith fandom. I’ve been seeing a lot of fan reactions on fan sites, LiveJournal, forums, mailing lists, chat, etc, and comments on my own site and journal. I can’t speak for every Vampire Diaries fan out there, obviously, but I am seeing quite a good representation of the fandom in general.

    Fans (myself included) are warming a little to Somerhalder, if only because he seems the best casting out of a bad bunch. He’s not who most would pick as their Damon, but the casting could have been a lot worse. He is at least beautiful, dark haired and can act. We don’t hold out any hope that he’ll wear black contacts, but at least he has amazing eyes in his own right, so we’re willing to overlook it.

    Wesley, however, is not being met with enthusiasm by a large portion of fans, and I’ve seen quite a lot of comments from people who were willing to give the show a chance throw up their hands in disgust over this casting. Not only is he not who most fans would ever choose as Stefan, he also doesn’t seem to fit the brief of what the casting calls were asking for. Epic beauty is not his thing, and many fans have been saying he’s far more in line with someone who should have been cast as Matt or Tyler (I’m in the Tyler camp, myself). When the actor who is playing Matt is better looking than the actor the cast to play Stefan, then you know they’ve got problems. Stefan and Damon were supposed to rival each other in their beauty. Wesley is a good looking guy, but doesn’t match the term beautiful, and certainly doesn’t stand up to Somerhalder in any way, sadly.

    Somerhalder? Tentative thumbs up. Wesley? Sorry, but no.

  2. Red, I COMPLETELY agree with you on that. Somerhalder seems to fit just right for the part, but Wesley… definitely not what I was expecting to see. v.v

  3. Ian as Damon fits into the persona of a pretty “badboy”vampire who can attract his prey into his lair. His facial expression is scary but at the same time sexy what with those smoldering eyes. On the other hand, Wesley is perfect for Stefan because he exudes “goodness” in his facial expression. He might not be like Edward Cullen in beauty but the contrast between the Salvatori brothers are visible. Good job.

  4. I agree that Paul Wesley isn’t beautiful, but he is certainly handsome. And more importantly, he is able to portal a character that is not only “good”, but genuine. As Stefan, his interactions with Elena are truly heartfelt and there is undeniable chemistry between them. Watching the two of them you think of the word “love”, while with Damon and Elena you think of “lust” – which is great, because it demonstrates yet again how different the two brother are.

  5. Ian is a perfect match for Damon, he has the bad boy aspect,smoldering eyes, & is completely Beautiful, gorgeous & sexy … whatever you want to call him hes perfect.
    But i believe Paul is right for the part of Stefan too, he looks good & fits the personality of Stefan, & he is beautiful enough for the part. i believe they have made the right decisions for the parts.
    On the other hand , & this is completely off this subject , wasnt Elena meant to be blonde ? Although i believe Nina Dobrev is perfect for the part of Elena.

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