Todd & The Book of Pure Evil Returns Tonight!

For anyone who is not familiar with Todd & The Book of Pure Evil, the hit Canadian comedy/horror show, starting its second season tonight on SPACE, here’s the scoop:

Stoner slacker Todd Smith finds a magical book in his high school that grants wishes. But there’s a catch – this is the Book of Pure Evil and it comes with one hell of a downside. Anyone who uses it for their own selfish purposes (to become thinner, smarter or kick-ass at guitar) creates a nasty supernatural repercussion that ultimately takes them down. Todd and his band of oddball friends band together to battle the evil effects of the book. A mysterious group of hooded Satanists, including the high school guidance counselor, are seeking to exploit the book for their own gains.

The first season gave us cannibalism spells, giant clouds of marijuana smoke causing mass stupidity, human fat monsters, giant penis monsters, and overgrown baby monsters. This is not a show for the squeamish or weak of stomach – it’s gross, crude and full of potty mouth jokes. But it’s also clever and hilarious!

The show was a success in its first season on SPACE, garnering eight Gemini nominations and winning for best ensemble cast. It also aired on Comedy and Much Music over the summer.

Back in August, I attended a panel with the entire cast at FanExpo. They chatted about the show and what’s in store for Season 2. Here are some tidbits:

-Crazy guidance counselor and Book of Evil coveter Atticus murdered his own father at the end of Season 1 and left his job at Crowley High. In Season 2 he’ll be inflicting his special brand of torture on a whole new group of people – he’s running an old age home! Atticus also has a new … err … ‘good luck charm’ – which actor Chris Leavins was kind enough to bring to the panel. His father’s severed head will be keeping him company in the new season:

-The Season 1 musical episode was such a blast that they decided to film another one for Season 2. Fans can also expect a video game episode.

-Upcoming grossness? Two words: skin masks. ICK.

Fun Facts:

-Jason Mewes, of Jay and Silent Bob fame, says his partner in crime Kevin Smith is a fan of Todd. Smith has appeared on Degrassi before and he might consider doing a guest spot on Todd.

-If the cast could choose anyone from the world of horror to guest star on the show, they’d recruit cult director John Waters or Frankenstein himself, Boris Karloff. Maybe they could use the Book to bring Karloff back from the dead.

-Could the show be cursed? The high school they shot the first season in actually burned down after filming wrapped! The producers had to search for another abandoned school for Season 2. Guess that’s what happens when you mess with pure evil 😉

-Fans of Todd can head to the official website to play an gruesome online computer game based on the show.

Oh, and here’s the photo gallery from the panel:

The Season 2 Premiere of Todd and the Book of Pure Evil airs tonight on SPACE … just in time for Halloween!

Photos by Jennifer Bragg – Copyright © 2011

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