Tiffani Thiessen Talks Elizabeth Burke & This Season of White Collar

White Collar’s second season is going strong, and Tiffani Thiessen, who stars as Elizabeth Burke, recently took some time out of her busy schedule as both actress and new mom to do a great Q&A in which she shared her thoughts on her character and the show:

On how she identifies with Elizabeth:

“I love that she really is a very career driven woman, I love that she puts her relationship and her marriage first. I love the relationship that she does have with her husband where there’s a lot of love between the two of them; there’s a lot of trust. But there’s also a great friendship between the two of them, so I definitely feel like a lot of those aspects, I definitely feel like I have in my own life.”

On being half of one of the few happy marriages on TV:

“I said it’s one of the first scripts that I’ve read in a really long time, when I read the pilot, that it was actually a marriage that actually works on TV because most of the time marriages on TV are filled with drama and affairs and distrusting each other and it’s all the opposite with the Burkes, which is what I really, really enjoy about the relationship.”

On Elizabeth stepping into the con in “Burke’s Seven”:

“She’s been around her husband’s business their whole entire relationship and … from the pilot, you saw that she was the kind of wife he would bring home his work a lot and actually bounce a lot of ideas off of her. So, she was very, very involved with a lot of his cases and got involved and knew very much about Neal being that he was a character in both their lives for a very long time. So, I think it did come naturally because I think she’s around it constantly with him. And that’s kind of where I take it from.”

On upcoming interactions between Elizabeth and Neal:

“Towards the end of this season, we actually do the whole entire episode pretty much the two of us together, which is actually quite fun and I don’t want to give it away because it’s a really great episode, but we actually work a lot together.”

On why everyone should watch White Collar:

“It’s one of the most entertaining shows on TV right now. It has a lot of suspense, it has a lot of comedy. It has a little bit of everything and it’s a really fun show. I think there’s a reason why it’s gotten such good reviews and I think that’s why the show is doing so well – it’s got a little bit of everything, which is nice.”

A few more interesting tidbits: It was actually Thiessen’s idea to make Elizabeth an event planner, because it was a career the actress herself had always wanted to try. She likes Elizabeth’s friendship with Neal because “standing next to Matt Bomer” isn’t exactly a hardship. (Cue jealous sighs here.) And the best news of all: Season three starts filming in a few weeks!

You can see season two of White Collar on Tuesdays at 10/9c on USA.

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