The Night Manager Preview: Episode 3

[Warning: General spoilers ahead]

This week, on The Night Manager, Jonathan re-enters the land of the living ensconced in, but not wholly trusted by, Roper’s inner circle while the London team, now also in Mallorca and including a very pregnant but no less hellbent Angela, try to determine whether and to what extent he went off book to place himself there.

It’s a taut hour that solidifies for Jonathan just how much danger he might have put himself in, and makes it clear there is no turning back now. He also muddies the water to a degree when he befriends Roper’s son and works that angle to his benefit, as well as Jed and Caro, the wife of Roper’s lawyer.

I’ve seen all six episodes and I can promise you the payoff is delicious. If you’re not watching this yet, get on it.

Here are a couple of sneak peeks of episode 3, which airs at 10 pm/9c Tuesday on AMC in the U.S. and Canada. You can watch the firs two episode online now at AMC’s website.



Photos Courtesy of Des Willie/AMC; Videos Courtesy of AMC.

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