The Murders Season 1 Finale Preview: “Stereo”

The Murders concludes its freshman season Monday night on Citytv with a very special guest star in the form of Michael Eklund.

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.]

The Murders

The episode significantly calls back to the season premiere and ties up all the threads about murder ballads accompanying the detectives’ case load. They also discover that the ballads reach far beyond Vancouver.

As Kate and Nolan lean all the way into the case with an assist from Meg and begrudging oversight from Chen, it soon becomes clear that the murderer has a personal interest in Kate and her secrets. That puts her in close quarters with Nolan when she insists she stay involved despite the glaring conflict of interest.

The Murders

Eklund plays a man with a very special skill set and personal history that makes him a person of interest once all the pieces fall together. Kate is challenged with working her case and maintaining the veil of silence around how Mike was killed. And she finally extends an olive branch to Rita.

Nolan faces his own challenges when his estranged wife, Leah (Courtney Richter), makes a surprising offer that should be what he wants to hear but maybe isn’t anymore. Jill Carter directs a script by series creator Damon Vignale.

The Murders

The Murders airs tonight at 10pm/9 and 8c on Citytv. Click here for a sneak peek. The season so far is available online at

Photos courtesy of Citytv

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