Teen Wolf Returns for Season 3.5

Welcome back from the holidays! TV land is taking no time in rolling out its midseason shows and this year, for the first time, that includes a winter return of Teen Wolf, beginning with “Anchors” Monday night at 10 pm E/9 C on MTV in the US and Canada (note the move from MuchMusic).

But first, you can binge-watch a day-long marathon of season 3.0 starting at 1 pm E/NOON C on MTV in the US. Or, you can roll all the way back to season 2 starting with “Restraint” at 6 am E/5 C.

Here is sneak peek to get you hot and bothered about what to expect this winter, where the slogan is “Lose Your Mind” in the aftermath of Scott, Stiles, and Allison crossing realms to save their families. We also have a new cast member, Arden Cho, as Kira, since Adelaide Kane (aka Cora) is now headlining Reign on The CW. P.S. — LOVE that Stiles is front and center! You can catch several more promos at MTV.com.

Photo courtesy of MTV.

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