Teen Wolf EP Jeff Davis Teases Dread Doctors, Desert Wolf and Drama

Comic-Con is never complete without chatting with the Teen Wolf team, and this year, EP Jeff Davis had some great little teases for us about what’s coming up in Season 5.

Check out the full clip below, but here are some highlights:

  • In tonight’s episode, “A Novel Approach,” we’re going to learn more about the uber-creepy Dread Doctors from a certain patient at Eichen House.
  • The Scott / Stiles friendship has a bumpy road ahead.
  • Kira is dealing with an inner fox that’s maybe trying to break free.
  • With a budding romance between Stilinski and and Natalie Martin, what does that mean for him and Melissa McCall? We’re going to learn why Melissa slapped the Sheriff in Episode 501.
  • Casting of the Desert Wolf, aka Malia’s mama, is going to be announced soon … and it’s someone we’ve seen before.
  • The Hale Family is coming back into play this season.


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