Teen Wolf EP Jeff Davis at NYCC 2013

Teen Wolf finally returns for the second half of its third season, and to help you get ready to “lose your mind” over tonight’s new episode, check out this clip featuring Executive Producer Jeff Davis from the Teen Wolf press room at New York Comic Con 2013! This took place immediately following their Season 4 renewal, so there was an almost tangible excitement in the air!

Watch the full video below, but first, here are some highlights:

  • Davis mentioned how impressed he is at what they are able to do action and stunt wise in a short period of time compared to films that have a couple of weeks to achieve the same results.
  • With having a longer season, it allows them to really get into the characters’ heads and deal with their darker sides. Season 3B will deal with this a lot.
  • When asked about potentially spinning off any characters, he mentioned Kira, a character that we will be meeting in 3B, which will explore the Japanese Kitsune mythology.
  • There will be ramifications to Allison and her father’s decision on how they’re going to hunt from now on, and two new characters that are being introduced in 3B will challenge this.
  • The parents are more involved in the action this season. They have a different perspective on the situation and their reactions are different.
  • When I asked if we should be suspicious of Scott’s dad, Davis simply said, “He doesn’t have good intentions.”


Photo and Video by Melissa Girimonte. Copyright © 2013 TheTelevixen.com

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