Take 5 with Superstore’s Kaliko Kauahi

Sandra has become a breakout character on Superstore, and ahead of the fifth season, Kaliko Kauahi was promoted to series regular. During San Diego Comic-Con this past summer, she chatted about Superstore‘s fifth season, Sandra and Jerry’s engagement, and why her character is such a hit with fans.

Superstore airs Thursday nights on NBC in the US and Global TV in Canada.

Sandra and Jerry’s engagement happened before but was cut. What was it like for that to finally make it to air? And what kind of bride-to-be will Sandra be?

It was very surprising that it made it to air because when we shot that scene, it wasn’t really in the script. Justin Spitzer, who wrote that episode, gave us a few takes so we did one where Jerry proposes. Until I saw it on TV, I didn’t know that was the take [they picked]. I think Sandra’s excited. She’s someone who didn’t ever think she’d find her person, and she’s going to try to hold on to it. And I don’t think Carol is done.

What is Sandra’s dream wedding, and will everyone from Cloud 9 be invited?

She thinks everyone is her friend. These are her people. They may not know that. No one has ever come to her house to hang out, but she desperately wants them to. She believes Dina is her best friend. It’s not reciprocated, but it doesn’t matter. Dina’s a bridesmaid or maid of honor. And the bachelorette party writes itself.

Why do you think Sandra is such a relatable character?

There are parts of Sandra that people can relate to, like when you’re insecure and scared but don’t want to say anything. She doesn’t have a way to hold that back and play it cool the way other people can. [Her] monologues are so telling. When I read them the first time, I can’t believe they’re written that way. It’s always so interesting and revealing. There’s a lot going on.

What would you like to explore with your character this season?

There’s a lot that we haven’t seen, and I she’s stronger than we think. I picture a rich backstory that we need to tap into and find out why she’s at the store and how she got there. 

Did you find it surprising that Sandra became such a fan favorite on social media?

[Sandra] just seems so meek and quiet. I thought that she would exist, and be lucky to talk once in a while. Now she’s grown and become a real part of the store and this family. It’s been such a gift and I can’t wait to see what happens.

Photo Courtesy of NBC

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