A ‘Reelside Byte’ with Stephen Amell

Earlier this month, we brought you our exclusive interview with Arrow star Stephen Amell. We talked about his hit CW series, his appearance on SummerSlam, and his charitable work. Most importantly, we discussed Reelside, a docuseries that explores the creative process in film and TV.

Reelside aired on The Movie Network over the summer, and is currently on Movie Central. Amell is featured in the sixth episode of the series, “Superheroes.” In it, he talks about what goes into becoming a TV superhero. He is also reunited with some of the people he worked with in the Toronto TV industry.

Today, the folks at Reelside have shared a fantastic web feature with us, which they’ve dubbed a “Reelside Byte.” This previously unaired segment features Stephen Amell and some of the cool Arrow-related items he has in his home. What does his collection include? And what item did he keep from the Arrow pilot? Watch “Shrines and Bows” now and find out what’s in his mancave!


To watch the “Superheroes” episode of Reelside featuring Stephen Amell, check Movie Central and The Movie Network‘s websites for upcoming airdates!

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