Slasher Preview: Like As Fire Eateth Up and Burneth Wood

Slasher continues Friday night with an episode that minimizes the gore and maximizes the startles and scares as The Executioner takes a page out of Scream and Sarah forms her own theories and presents them to a rattled Tom.

Sarah’s not the only one in an investigative mood — Robin tries to chase down why Justin got himself killed, and then has to deal with the real-world implications of that behavior, including a couple of frightening run-ins with Trent.

Dylan earns a spot on Sarah’s shit list when his editor makes a better read of his priorities than she does. We also get a little more info on the last scene from episode two, of the cinder block tossed from the overpass, and how that fits into the current timeline.

There are a few disconnected moments that I assume will render clearer as the season progresses. If they don’t, I’ll round back here with my questions.

I liked this episode a lot. I adore Wendy Crewson, and it’s so fun to see her play a woman who has lost everything and genuinely gives no f-cks. So glad somebody saw her in this part. I expect her to show up on best supporting Canadian lists next year.

In case you missed it, the first two episodes of Slasher re-air Friday morning at 7 am/6c on Chiller. Episode 3 airs Friday night at 9/8c. Here’s a sneak peek.


Photos and Video Courtesy of Chiller.

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