Slasher Preview: “In The Pride of His Own Face”

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.]

This is another episode of Slasher that we didn’t get to pre-screen for Chiller, but we’re happy to do it now for our Canadian Super Channel friends.

Episode 7 is a doozy, not only because it takes Tom outside the prison (never a good idea) but also because it downloads his backstory of how the OG Executioner was born, and puts him in the crosshairs of the new, improved, depraved Executioner.

We also spend some quality time with him and Sarah that’s not as fractious as you might expect.

Before all that goes down, Cam and Sharma find the Executioner’s lair, and Dylan tries to make nice for his recent shitheel behavior, but that goes from bad to worse as he weighs other opportunities..

Slasher airs at 10/9c on Super Channel in Canada. Here’s a sneak peek. I highly recommend you watch this live or stay the hell off Twitter afterward.


Photos and Video Courtesy of Chiller.

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