Slasher: Flesh & Blood “Family Ties” Preview

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.]

This week’s fifth episode of Slasher: Flesh & Blood, available Thursday on Shudder, takes a deep dive into just how damaged Florence is as we dial back the clock on how she devolved so completely into self-absorption to the point of actively re-traumataizing Theo.  In the present, the revelation of the last death does nothing to quench her blood lust for revenge.

Slasher: Flesh and Blood

There’s no time for everyone else to process it and grieve, or plot their escape off the island — or talk Florence down — because soon the countdown clock is running again, sending the Galloways out into the woods for a particularly aggressive game of (not quite) paintball. And that’s not even the whole episode.

Slasher: Flesh and Blood

The aftermath is equally punishing when the victor finds out that Spencer meant it when he specified the rules down to the letter.

Slasher: Flesh and Blood

There is a little levity in the episode, thankfully, as Grace shares some sweet moments with O’Keefe. And we get a very fun cameo appearance from Thom Allison, who drops an exquisite, “Bitch, please,” as only he can do.

Slasher: Flesh and Blood

Adam MacDonald directs a script by Lucie Pagé.

Slasher Season 4 is streaming on Shudder in the US and premieres October 4th at 9 pm ET on Hollywood Suite in Canada with two episodes every Monday for four weeks. In case you missed it, all of our Slasher coverage is here.

Here’s a sneak peek of this week’s episode.

Photos courtesy of Shudder.

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