Secret Diary of a Call Girl Returns

Television is about to get really, really steamy! Secret Diary of a Call Girl returns tonight in the UK for its fourth and final season.

What adventures await Hannah/Belle? Here’s a bit about Season 4 from the show’s official site:

In this, the fourth season, Belle embarks on a new relationship with best friend Ben, takes on a new role managing Stephanie’s escort business and finds herself the unlikely guardian of Stephanie’s innocent 19-year-old daughter, Poppy.

As Belle starts to manage other girls, she still finds time for some new, unmissable clients… The Virgin, The Adult Baby, The Wrestling Fetishist and Count Dracula himself… But as Belle goes from success to success in her professional life, her personal life starts to fall apart.

A series of misunderstandings with loyal, loving Ben, the unravelling and corruption of ‘good girl’ Poppy, and the introduction of dangerous and alluring vice cop Harry, all force Belle to question who she really is and what she wants for her future.

Will she give ‘Belle’ up for Ben and commit to just being ‘Hannah’ or will she cut all ties and be a call girl forever?

Here’s the official 30 second promo for this season. It’s worth noting that although the promo says it’s airing at 9pm Tuesday, it is in fact airing at 10pm:

UK fans, make an appointment with Belle tonight at 10pm UTC on ITV2. US and Canadian fans, at this point, North American start dates have not been announced, but we’ll keep you posted!

Photo & Video Courtesy of ITV2

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