Revenge Returns for Season Three

When we left off with the mayhem of Revenge‘s second season finale, the plot was exploding left and right, in a  sort of “throw everything out there and we’ll see if we get renewed” sort of way. Here’s what went down:

  • Conrad was elected governor.
  • Daniel and Emily announced they were leaving for Paris.
  • Victoria heard from her son.
  • Declan was killed in an explosion meant for Aiden.
  • Charlotte was pregnant by Declan.
  • Aiden was seemingly killed by Daniel.
  • Nolan was arrested.
  • Jack took aim at Conrad during his victory celebration and Emily talked him down by finally confessing that she was Amanda.

So, there was a lot that could have been left hanging (and I’m still sort of on the fence about whether it should have been), but we got a renewal right before the finale aired, and season three premieres Sunday.

The ABC promos have wasted no time showing you that this season, it’s Emily whose number may finally be up (for a minute or two, anyway) as she takes a bullet while wearing what looks a lot like a wedding dress. Keeping the blueprint of the show, the season premiere, “Fear,” kicks off with that scene and then dials back to this season’s Memorial Day summer kickoff, so we have another time jump.

When we pick up (after the shooting in the teaser), we find out:

  • Emily and Daniel are still in New York.
  • Jack closed the bar and left the Hamptons.
  • Victoria’s been spending time with a handsome younger man.
  • Charlotte is no longer pregnant and has just arrived home for the summer.
  • Nolan is newly sprung and Emily makes good on a promise from last season.

And that’s just for starters. Here’s the new poster for season three:

So, a wedding is definitely. maybe afoot. And here’s a sneak peek of the season premiere, which airs this Sunday, September 29th, at 9/8c on ABC and City TV. If you need to binge watch season two beforehand, it’s now available on Hulu, Hulu+, and DVD.

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