Production Has Started on Season 2 of Remedy

Earlier today, Global TV announced that production has started on Season 2 of Remedy!

They also revealed that Season 2 will pick up nine months after the Season 1 finale. Here’s the official tease:

Griffin Conner (Dillon Casey) seems to finally be getting his life on track with plans to return to medical school and a serious girlfriend, but his dark and troubled past continues to haunt him. Meanwhile, Allen (Enrico Colantoni) must re-adjust following his demotion from Chief-of-Staff, while his daughters -– surgeon Mel (Sara Canning) and new mom Sandy (Sarah Allen) — search to balance co-parenting baby Toby with work and play.

There’s a new face at Beth-H this season, too. Niall Matter has joined the cast as Dr. Cutler, an attractive ER resident that is going to shake things up.

Filming will take place between now and January both in Toronto and Hamilton.

Who else is excited for a new season of Remedy?

Photo Courtesy of Global

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