Private Eyes Preview: The Good Soldier

Private Eyes heads into the woods Thursday night in its last summer episode before the mid-season hiatus. “The Good Soldier” finds Angie and Shade hired to track down an AWOL Private whose mother is absolutely certain he’s not just sleeping off a boys night out.

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.]

After a few leads turn up evidence that leads them toward the base where the Private was stationed, Angie and Shade pull an assist from Becca to get the access they need. They end up in over their heads and Jules finds her inner warrior when she demands help from Maz.

She also has her own dilemma this week as she makes plans that Shade’s not quite on board with, which sparks temporary rift between them. Plus, he’s finally at a point where he’s going to have to make a decision about introducing Mel and Jules to each other.

In the wake of finding her old engagement ring last week, Angie is figuring out what she does and doesn’t want from Ken and sorting through all those pesky old feelings and doubts that have suddenly resurfaced.

Private Eyes airs Thursday at 8/7c on Global TV.  If you’ve missed an episode, you can catch up online at Global’s website. The series will return for the back 9 of Season 2 in early 2018. It starts its U.S. run this fall on ION Television.

Photos Courtesy of Global TV

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