Private Eyes Preview: Between a Doc and a Hard Place

This week on Private Eyes., the action is personal and professional as Angie and Shade juggle past and present relationships when Maz pulls them into a burglary case that reunites Angie with Dr. Ken (Slasher and Reign‘s Mark Ghanimé in the first episode of a recurring role), the long ago love she let get away.

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.]

When the case isn’t exactly what it seems, Shade looks deeper at the good doctor to see if he’s perhaps not as good as he seems, either, while also holding the truth back from Angie about his new relationship with Melanie. Things are moving quickly on that front as Melanie pushes him to be up front with his partner about what he’s up to.

The episode also features Bitten‘s Tommie-Amber Pirie (who’s also recurring on Season 3 of Killjoys) as a busker who knows more than she’s letting on and The Expanse‘s J. Adam Brown, as cafe owner across the street from Dr. Ken who’s frustrated about the new immigrants in his community, until he gets an Everett Investigations course correction.


It’s a fun episode, and timely, which you’ll understand as it unfolds. It’ll be interesting to see how Angie and Shade handle each other’s new (or old) relationships as the season progresses, even though they’re adamant their own relationship is strictly business.

Private Eyes airs at 8/7c Thursdays on Global TV.

Photos Courtesy of Global TV

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