Previewing Psych’s 100th Episode: “100 Clues”

It’s finally here! The 100th episode of Psych, “100 Clues,” airs tomorrow night at 9 pm E/8 C on USA Network. Complete with new “Clue”-themed title cards, the episode is an homage to the whodunnit board game and boasts a bevy of guest stars that you’ll recognize from the theatrical film version of Clue.

Along for the fun are Lesley Ann Warren, Christopher Lloyd, Martin Mull, and Garrett Morris. Lending his own randy humor to the episode is Steve Valentine. And look for a drop-in appearance from 80s crooner Curt Young.

The episode is slapstick, fast-paced, and full-tilt goofy as Shawn is invited to a mystery dinner at a mansion (on a dark and stormy night, of course). When his first choice “plus one,” Juliette, is called into work, he takes Gus instead and hilarity ensues as they get sucked into solving a murder. We were on set last May in the painstakingly constructed parlor, complete with a big-ass chandelier that had taken a header into the floor below. It’s a very fun hour, and everybody looks like they had a ball doing it.

As part of the celebration, USA viewers on the East and West Coast will get to pick the killer. Click here for info on how to vote at the USA website or on Twitter. If you’re in the mood for a marathon, Cloo TV is still running the first 99 episodes up until “100 Clues” begins. Check back tomorrow for our interview with Mull, Lloyd, and Warren!

Here are a couple of sneak peeks of “100 Clues.”

Photo courtesy of USA Network.

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