Previewing Gracepoint: Episode Two

Tonight, Gracepoint settles into its rhythm, doing a deeper dive on the town’s residents and giving us a feel for each of their personalities. The biggest light is shone on the Solanos¬†— who are hanging onto secrets that may or may not have something to do with Danny’s death. We also find out that Carver has a few of his own, and he’s rattled when an empath seems to know at least one of them.

Watching the second episode, which was co-written by the husband-and-wife team of Dan Futterman and Anya Epstein (who I somehow missed last week are also EPs on this), I realize how efficient the storytelling is for such a large cast. The show is very good at giving us a glimpse of everyone in a very small amount of time. I’m definitely interested in who they all are, and I like that we have little pieces of information that the detectives don’t, so there’s not a fixed POV on the proceedings.

Thursdays are jammed TV. I hope audiences find their way to Gracepoint. Here’s the official logline for episode two (spoilers ahead!): The Solano family continues to grieve in the wake of their son’s death. The detectives find disturbing evidence in Chloe’s room, while Mark gets caught in a lie of his own. Beth confides in her old friend, Paul Coates (Justified and Breaking Bad‘s Kevin Rankin), now the town minister,

And here are a few sneak peeks. Gracepoint airs tonight at 9/8c on FOX and 9e/p on Global TV in Canada.




Photo and Videos Courtesy of FOX

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