Previewing Cardinal: “Barry”

Previewing Cardinal: “Barry”

[Warning: General spoilers ahead]

The downside of these short seasons is that this week we’ll be halfway through the final season of Cardinal. The upside? It’s another really good episode.

Cardinal Season 4

Barry (Duncan Ollerenshaw) finds out about his mother, and then, in short order is visited upon by Cardinal and Delorme and two ghosts from his past — Sheila Gagne (Carmen Moore) and Taj Roy (Cas Anvar). One is most definitely friend and the other is more clearly foe.

While those relationships are reopened, our killer, Neil (Currie Graham), is revealed to be a hired gun, and he gets an unwelcome visit of his own when his presumed employer, Scott (Shawn Doyle), comes to see him.

There are some clues parceled out as to the why of these victims, but the how is not wholly laid out yet.

Cardinal and Delorme huddle on the case and the information they know and still seek. She also has another short exchange with her ex-husband that gets a little complicated later when it intersects with their investigation.

Cardinal is balancing familial connections, too, as Kelly angles to come see him before he’s ready. And he continues to be plagued by nightmares that change but always come back to desolation out on the ice. And that’s about all you need to know going in.

Nathan Morlando, who directs all six episodes this season, helms a script by Penny E. Gummerson (The Order).

Cardinal Season 4

Cardinal airs Monday night at 10 pm ET on CTV. You can catch all of the previous episodes now on Crave and unlocked on All our coverage, including interviews with series stars Billy Campbell and Karine Vanasse, is here. Check the show’s official Twitter feed for info on a cast and crew live Tweet during the episode.




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