FX Project Powers Joins the Pilot Season of the Supernatural Cop Drama

Yesterday, EW’s Inside TV reported that FX is venturing into somewhat new territory (for them, anyway) with a new superhero drama project, Powers.

The show, based on a graphic novel series of the same name by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming, centres on “two homicide detectives who investigate cases of people with extraordinary abilities.”

Powers joins a growing list of similar-themed pilots this season, including 17th Precinct (Ron D. Moore’s NBC project), Person of Interest (J.J. Abrams’ CBS pilot), Poe (ABC) and Grimm (NBC). It also joins the ranks of comics and graphic novels that have already been or are being adapted into TV series, including AMC’s The Walking Dead and FOX’s Locke & Key.

I have to admit, if anyone is going to do this type of series right, my faith would be with a cable network, much like The Walking Dead works so well on AMC. I think that the less constraining nature of a cable net will allow a series like this to explore its full potential, especially if it leans toward the darker side.

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