Power Previews Season 2 at ATX Festival

At the recent ATX Festival, Starz hosted a screening of the Season 2 premiere of Power, and the cast and creators chatted about what’s in store for each of the character in the coming season. Later that week, the episode aired on television and broke ratings records for Starz, with the largest audience ever for an episode of original programming. The series immediately secured a Season 3 order, which means fans can expect a lot more intrigue, power plays and intense plot-lines from this high-stakes drama!

I just happened to binge watch Season 1 of Power right before it was an announced as ATX programming and I promptly added it to my list of ‘must-see’ panels. I hadn’t heard a lot of buzz about Power before I started watching, but I was instantly addicted to the complicated characters and the dangerous, multi-faceted world they’re battling through.

Here are some highlights and insights from the panel courtesy of creator Courtney Kemp Agboh, and cast members Omari Hardwick (James “Ghost” St. Patrick), Lela Loren (Angela Valdes), Naturi Naughton (Tasha St. Patrick), and Joseph Sikora (Tommy Egan)

*As an aside, I should point out that this is one good-looking, well-dressed cast! I think there were as many tweets and comments about Omari Hardwick’s biceps and snappy vest as there were about the series itself.

– Nailing the intense dynamics between James / Ghost and both of his   leading ladies was incredibly important and Omari did chemistry tests with both Naturi and Lela before they were cast. Based on the how hot the numerous sex scenes are on this series, I’d say it worked!

– James St. Patrick wears many faces and, as an actor, Omari had to fall in love in love with James, Jamie and Ghost to inhabit the role completely. While many may see Ghost as the villainous side of James, Omari feels it’s more complex than that. “We have to have a level of empathy for the characters — we can’t perceive them as bad.” Even after an entire season, Omari says he’s “still figuring out” who James is.

– Lela Loren says Season 2 will be filled with ‘consequences’ for Angela. Her romantic relationship with Jamie has been incredibly intense and she’s unwittingly involved herself in something that could be devastating. She may have been in the dark for most of Season 1, but she’ll definitely ‘learn more’ in the upcoming episodes.

– “Beware of Tasha in Season 2” joked Naturi Naughton. Tasha felt the string of betrayal in Season 1, and as Season 2 unfolds we’ll find out how she deals with it. Naturi feels like Tasha needs to be a strong force to match-up to her husband. “I just remember being fearless and strong. That’s what Tasha has to be in order to stand next to Ghost.”

– For Ghost’s childhood friend and business partner Tommy, Season 2 will continue to be a huge struggle. But Sikora says Tommy is a ‘survivor’ and that strong instinct defines him and keeps him afloat.

– If you were surprised to see loveable Victor Garber playing a despicable night-club tycoon last season, that was exactly what the creators wanted. Courntey Kemp Agboh loves casting actors in roles that are the complete opposite of what they’re known for.

So far Season 2 has been an adrenaline-thrilled ride and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Photos by Jennifer Bragg. Copyright © 2015 TheTelevixen.com

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