Outlander Season 4, Episode 6 Preview: Blood of My Blood

On tonight’s Outlander, “Blood of My Blood,” the Frasers entertain some unexpected guests, truths are revealed, and trouble is brewing in North Carolina.

Outlander 406 Lord John Grey

Lord John Grey stops by Fraser’s Ridge for a visit, and has someone with him.

Over dinner, it’s clear that the people at Fraser’s Ridge and Lord John don’t see eye to eye on Governor Tryon. They are at odds over the excesses the Governor indulges in at the cost of overtaxing the people. Claire, Jamie and Murtagh learn that the Governor is planning to deal with the Regulators who oppose him.

Outlander 406 Claire


Understandably, it’s tense between Claire and Lord John. She doesn’t trust him for a number of reasons. When Lord John falls ill, Claire has to care for him. Meanwhile, Jamie keeps their other guest away by taking him on a tour of Fraser’s Ridge.

Outlander 406 Jamie


“Blood of My Blood” is an emotionally charged episode that tests the strength of Claire and Jamie’s relationship.

Check out this preview of “Blood of My Blood,” and tune into Outlander tonight at 10pm ET/PT on W Network in Canada, and at 8pm ET/PT on Starz in the U.S.

Photos and Video Courtesy of Starz

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