Outlander Season 4, Episode 5 Preview: Savages

On a new episode of Outlander, tensions arise between some settlers and the Cherokee, and Jamie heads off in search of people to help build Fraser’s Ridge.

Outlander 405 Savages Claire

Claire spends time with Adawehi, the Cherokee healer, gathering herbs. Adawehi says something that could be seen as prophetic: that Brianna is there. Given what we learned at the end of “Common Ground,” is it possible that Brianna has gone through the stones to find her parents?

Speaking of Brianna, Roger heads to Inverness to find her.

Outlander 405 Savages Young Ian Jamie

Jamie and Young Ian head to a nearby town to recruit farmers for his land, but they’re met with resistance.

Outlander 405 Savages Claire Muellers

While Jamie’s away, Claire becomes a mediator in a situation between the Cherokee and a German family, the Muellers.

This episode is equal parts exciting and distressing, and one of the best of the season to date. There’s also an unexpected reunion!

Below is a preview of “Savages.” Be sure to watch Outlander tonight at 10pm ET/PT on W Network in Canada, and at 8pm ET/PT on Starz in the U.S.

Photos and Video Courtesy of Starz

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