Outlander Season 4, Episode 4 Preview: Common Ground

On tonight’s Outlander, “Common Ground,” construction begins on Fraser’s Ridge, and despite the beauty of the place, it holds some danger.

Outlander Common Ground Frasers

Jamie accepts land in North Carolina from the British. Along with Claire and Young Ian, they head to the Blue Ridge Mountains, and begin to build their new home, Fraser’s Ridge.

Outlander Common Ground Claire

Marsali tells Claire that she is nervous about becoming a mother. She also confides that she’s missing her mother, Laoghaire. Despite all of the bad feelings between Claire and Laoghaire, Claire understands Marsali’s pain. After all, Claire left her daughter in the future to return to Jamie, and still feels guilt over that decision.

Outlander Common Ground

Claire and Jamie meet their new neighbours, and don’t exactly get a warm welcome. Claire wonders if they should move the home to another part of the land, but Jamie persuades her to keep building where they are.

Outlander Common Ground Roger

Roger contacts Brianna for the first time since she rejected his marriage proposal. He’s discovered some new information about Jamie and Claire, and wants to share it with her.

Watch this preview of “Common Ground,” and then tune in tonight at 10pm ET/PT on W Network in Canada, and at 8pm ET/PT on Starz in the U.S.

Photos and Video Courtesy of Starz

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