Motive Series Finale Preview: “We’ll Always Have Homicide”

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.]

I love Motive. Y’all know this. When it was announced that the series would end this season, I was disappointed because it felt like it was way too soon to say goodbye to this show and these characters. In a weird sort of way, CTV did us a kindness by interrupting the final season twice, so that it  wasn’t just a quick hit over 13 weeks and then gone forever.

“We’ll Always Have Homicide” is an excellent send-off to a brilliantly crafted “why-dunnit,” and I loved all of it. The hour enacts a nifty device I will not spoil that reunites the band for one more case that ties to another, and delivers closure for everyone. We walk away knowing they’ll be OK. That’s a terrific gift these days.

Last week, one of those Twitter polls rolling around asked for your 7 favorite TV shows (ever). I didn’t add Motive at the time, reserving judgment for how they ended. It’s totally there now.

Guest stars include Emily Tennant, back from last week, and James Remar, one of my longtime absolute favorites, plus a few familiar faces around the squad. Again, no spoilers.

One last time, Motive airs at 10/9c Tuesday on CTV, and for a few more weeks on Sundays at 11/10c on USA in the U.S. Here is a sneak peek of the series finale. Thank you for reading!


Photos and Video Courtesy of CTV

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