Checking in with Motive’s Fantastic Third Season

Canadian Motive fans have had a bonus over fans in the US who are still waiting for news of where the series will land since it will not return to ABC. If you’re in Canada and you haven’t been watching, WHY? Let’s take a look at what’s clicking.

Angie’s back in the squad

After a six-month jag in a uniform screening new hires, Angie’s back behind a detective’s badge, falling into friendly familiar rhythms with her team and hanging onto the case that brought her back — a suspicious jailhouse murder that points to the wealthy Neville Montgomery (Victor Garber). She’s working with his soon-to-be-be daughter-in-law (Cracked‘s Luisa D’Oliveira) putting together a case, and Cross and Vega are helping out.

Something’s up with Vega

Early in the season, Vega has some vision issues which become a problem when he can’t pass his field exam. He seeks counsel with Betsy and she gives him a few tips to help him clear his double vision so he can pass his test — and a referral to a specialist. All we know if that he’s having tests run, but he’s cleared for duty. I’m wondering if they’re about drop an immune system disorder or brain issue on him. My only nit is that I really want them to name it and stop hinting at “something,” and I want Angie looped in.

Betsy is attacked

Two weeks back, the case blew back on the lab as the suspect broke in to claim a thumb to bypass biometric security. Betsy was there and the suspect (Ty Olsson) knocked her around and tied her up as he cut the thumb off the body. In the aftermath, she’s been jumpy but stoic, adding security to the lab but refusing to be walked to her car or helped out, except for a momentary hug with Vega when he tells her they call care about her. Brian is increasingly upset because he’s the one who found her.

Brian is angry

His divorce now final, Brian is moving up at work, but his happier demeanor is clouded by Betsy’s attack, and he gets only a small measure of gratification emptying a beanbag shotgun into the guy who attacked her. I have a sneaking suspicion we may see a romance there with him and Betsy — if something doesn’t happen with Vega first (completely guessing as I don’t traffic in spoilers but there are avid folks on Twitter promoting #Bega). I don’t hate either idea.

Cross is restless

Cross asks for a transfer because he’s tired of being behind the desk and Boyd says no, but he does give him leeway to start working cases in the field, and that seems to be working for him.

Guest stars for everybody

This show has always been fantastic about its casting and this season, they’re killing it every week, with familiar faces from Continuum, The Flash, Being Human, Hallmark’s Cedar Cove series and Garage Sale Mystery movies, and Americans Dylan Walsh, Alexis Bledel, and Chris Klein, who guests tonight in “Pilot Error.”

All three seasons are on Crave, so you can catch up at your leisure (and then pick it up in real-time — they’re halfway through Season 3). Here’s a handy guide to who’s dropped by this season.

Revenge‘s Ashton Holmes, Garage Sale Mystery‘s Brendan Meyer, and The Flash‘s Patrick Sabongui.

“The Suicide Tree”
Being Human‘s Meaghan Rath, Supernatural‘s Ty OlssonGirlfriend’s Guide to Divorce‘s Brandon Jay McLaren,  and Cedar Cove‘s Jesse Hutch.

“The Glass House”
Continuum and Intelligence alum John Cassini, Dylan Walsh, and an all-grown-up Jodelle Ferland.

Gilmore GirlsAlexis Bledel, Continuum‘s Stephen Lobo, and Backstrom’s Ben Hollingsworth.

“Calling the Shots”
Ally Sheedy, Bonnie Somerville, and Rogue‘s Kavan Smith.

“Six Months Later”
Garber, D’Oliveira, and Copper‘s Kyle Schmid.

Motive  airs at 10 pm ET/PT on CTV. Each episode is available on CTV’s website for seven days and then it kicks to Crave.

Here’s a sneak peek of tonight’s episode.


Photos and video courtesy of CTV.

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