Melanie Scrofano on Higher Stakes in Wynonna Earp Season 2

Wynonna Earp is back tonight on Syfy in the U.S. and now on Space in Canada, and Melanie Scrofano chatted with us about what’s in store for Season 2. In short, the stakes are even higher this season, and Wynonna will be tested to her limit.

In Season 1, I think the show really established Wynonna and Waverly’s relationship as the heart of this story. Those kids have had their share of challenges thrown at them their entire lives. Season 2 is looking to hold even more trouble, possibly even threatening their bond. Will their relationship be put to the test in the upcoming episodes?

Anyone in view of the Earp curse and of Wynonna herself is in some way going to be affected, and those bonds are going to be tested with anybody. The curse is pretty high maintenance and I’ll say that it tests Wynonna to her limit. Any time somebody is tested like that, there’s going to be fallout elsewhere.

The world of the supernatural in Purgatory is so much more than just Revenants. Basically, the Hellmouth has opened up. If I had to guess, what’s yet to be seen is scarier than anything we’ve seen so far.

What’s coming is not only scarier, but it’s scary because [we don’t understand it]. At least Wynonna and her team understand Revenants and what they’re dealing with, and the devil you know is certainly better than the devil you don’t. What’s coming is just completely unknown to them, and there’s potential for more variety. With Revenants, it’s just “shoot them in the face” and anything else is new territory. There’s going to be an escalation of “WTF do we do?”

Based on the premiere, I get a sense that certain humans might be even scarier than some of the supernatural threats out there.

This show is definitely more than just about demons. Even in the demon world, there’s some good and some not so good, but that’s definitely not limited to the supernatural world.

The idea of choice versus destiny is an ongoing aspect of this story. Wynonna has run before, and I feel an underlying sense that she could bolt again at any time.

Yeah. The thing has always been that no matter what she does, she never seems to have a choice. It’s never been, “You do this, you get this reward,” or “You be a good girl and you get the cookie.” But she never gets the cookie! She wants that damn cookie. We’re definitely going to be looking more at that whole area, and she has to make some more hard choices given what’s going to happen this season.

The Revenant-fighting team on Wynonna Earp follows in what I’d say is the great TV tradition of Scooby gangs up against supernatural threats. Which of those other teams do you think would be a worthy opponent for Wynonna and her gang?

I like the Winchesters on Supernatural, especially since they have that family history. I have a feeling we’d all go into group therapy together. Crossover!

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