Meet the Men of Supergirl

Supergirl begins tonight, and while all eyes will be on Melissa Benoist as Kara Danvers/Zor-El, some eyes will definitely be wandering to her male co-stars, Mehcad Brooks (James Olsen) and Jeremy Jordan (Winn Schott).

We chatted with Mehcad and Jeremy during San Diego Comic-Con back in the summer, and while they weren’t able to share many details about what’s in store for their characters, they did tell us a bit about being part of Supergirl, and visiting a con for the first time!

Mehcad Brooks:

  • He wasn’t able to say much about the relationship between James and Cara, but he did say that he’ll be a part of the action in some way.
  • We know who these characters are in the comics, but that doesn’t mean we know who they are in this TV series. Mehcad is looking forward to learning this as well. They are reinventing the story without disrespecting the source. He did say it is a more grounded approach. Also, he referred to National City as their own “little playground” for the show to exist in.
  • Mehcad is a self-professed nerd and wished he had visited Comic-Con before this, just for fun.
  • He touched on why he wanted to be a part of this series and take on an iconic role while adding a bit of himself to it.


Jeremy Jordan:

  • This was Jeremy’s first comic con, and it was also his first chance to get to know his castmates.
  • His background is on Broadway, and he grew up singing and on stage. He went to L.A. to expand his horizons, and said he wanted to play a superhero. This is pretty close.
  • He shared that his character lives in a “strage hyper-reality” that is very theatrical, but also has some grounded qualities. Jeremy described him as youthful and fun, and there’s a bit of unrequited love when it comes to Kara.
  • Jeremy addressed his character, Winn “Winslow” Schott sharing the same name with DC Universe villain “Toyman.” At this point, the only thing they have in common is a name.


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