Mary Kills People Season 3 Premiere Preview

Mary Harris is finally back on Global TV Sunday night for the third and final season of Mary Kills People, and it’s a very welcome return right out of the gate. Seriously, y’all, the mic drop cold opens are once again impeccable. This one is a worthy successor to that red dress opera scene in Season 2’s “The Connection.”

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.]

Mary Kills People

When we last left our crew over a year ago, Mary (Caroline Dhavernas) had resigned from the hospital and finally warmed to Des’s idea of a hospice/euthanasia retreat. Much to her surprise, her sister, Nicole (Charlotte Sullivan) wanted in, too. Her relationship with Ben soured over their mutual double-cross (triple-cross?) involving Olivia, and it looked like the ladies had found a permanent solution to his meddling.

Mary Kills People

As the new season begins, five months have passed. It’s the dead of winter, which is a switch up from the first two seasons filmed in the Toronto summer and fall. The retreat is up and running and full of patients, thanks to referrals from Annie (Grace Lynn Kung).

Nicole has embraced her new den mother-slash-administrator role while Des keeps the patients at arms lengths with a rather crass shorthand. A new arrival, Lucy Oliviera (Star Trek: Discovery’s Rachael Ancheril), threatens to upend that for him.

Mary Kills People

Mary is content, to a point. Still drawn to do her work beyond the confines of the retreat, that pull creates a wrinkle for them. Recurring guest star Elizabeth Saunders anchors that throughline for the season. Des (Richard Short), who is sort of Zen-ed out and suspiciously chipper about his new enterprise, is surprisingly not hysterical when he finds out.

Mary Kills People

While Mary’s focus is split between her day job and her freelancing, she’s also focusing on her family and two daughters that are growing up. Cambie (Lola Flanery) is, hysterically, fully a teenager with all the implications therein, and Jess (Abigail Winter) spirals a bit when her renewed bond with her mom creates friction elsewhere in her life.

Mary Kills People

“The Key to Faith” is written by Tassie Cameron and directed by Norma Bailey, who won a Canadian Screen Award in March for directing in Season 2.

I’m so glad to have them all back. It’s like falling right back into familiar rhythms with old, albeit slightly homicidal, friends. You’re happy to see them, you fear for what they’ve gotten themselves into, and you hope for the best.

The final six-episode season of Mary Kills People premieres Sunday at 8pm ET/PT on Global TV. As of right now, there’s no US network for Season 3. Click here for a sneak peek. Seasons 1 and 2 are streaming now on Global TV’s website and Global GO.

Update 8/6/22: All three seasons of Mary Kills People are now streaming on Global TV in Canada and Roku Channel in the US.

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