Julie Benz at FanExpo 2012

The effervescent Julie Benz made an appearance at Toronto’s FanExpo while in town shooting her new Syfy series, Defiance. It’s a groundbreaking new TV show that also exists as a massive multiplayer online video game. Defiance is set 35 years in the future when aliens have crash landed on earth and are living side by side with the human species. Definitely an intriguing premise and I can’t wait to check it out!

As usual, Julie was all smiles and charm during her panel. Her fans were eager to ask questions about her impressive body of work and with Buffy, Angel, Dexter and No Ordinary Family under her belt she’s certainly got a lot to talk about.

If you were at the panel and want to relive the excitement, or weren’t there and want to see what you missed, watch the video below that I cut together with the juiciest bits!

Photo and Video by Jennifer Bragg, Copyright © 2012 TheTelevixen.com

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