Josh Vokey, Ari Millen, Kristian Bruun & Kevin Hanchard Chat Orphan Black

We caught up with Orphan Black‘s Josh Vokey, Ari Millen, Kristian Bruun and Kevin Hanchard before their Toronto ComiCon panel last month to chat about what’s coming up in Season 3 and some of their greatest hits from last season. Shenanigans and hijinks ensued, of course, since these guys are absolutely hysterical! Read on, and then tune in for the season premiere tonight.

Can any of you say where your characters are at when we start Season 3?

Josh: Yeah. At the beginning of the season, the main priority for Scott, of course, is Cosima’s health and dealing with the science of what’s going on. So, count on the two of them, and Delphine as well, to be working the science side, looking to understand their history more and to understand how to help Cosima because she is not doing well.

I chatted with Jordan back at the Canadian Screen Awards, and he said that the theme of this season is “divide and conquer.” Would you guys concur with that?

Ari: Certainly. I think that it feeds into another theme of “what is family,” “who is your family,” and “your family whether you like it or not.” So, “divide and conquer,” sure, yeah.

Any unlikely alliances forming that we can get excited about?

Ari: As we’ve seen from the first two seasons of Orphan Black, friends become enemies, enemies become friends. It’s a whole mess of what trying to figure out what the reality is. So, yeah, I think going forward it’s going to be more of the same and some unlikely people will be able to help and some people that you thought you could trust, you certainly cannot.

Do friends and family try to get info out of you about the show? Since you’ve already finished filming the season, is it difficult to keep those secrets and keep track of what you can or can’t say?

Josh: Constantly.

Ari: You’ve just got to set up a barrier right away and say, “Nope, you’ll find out. It’s better that way.”

Kristian: It’s easier when we’re together because we can lean to each other and when we have that “deer in the headlights look,” just pass it off. And I’m very forgetful, so, I just forget the scripts once I read them, including my lines

So, since we really can’t talk about what’s coming up except in very vague terms, of what’s happened up until the end of Season 2, what scene was it that got the biggest reaction from the people close to you?

Kristian: Shooting Dr. Leekie in the head. Yeah, for Donny, for sure. The accidental death of Dr. Leekie, that took everybody by surprise. Including myself when I read the script. But it was just like – that’s a moment – when you – not that I know from experience, but when you kill somebody that tends to make a major life change.

Kevin: That’s a seminal moment.

Kristian: Yeah, there’s a life change.

Also, who knew that would be such a great bonding moment with Alison and saving their marriage?

Kristian: It’s just what they needed. Yeah – sometimes you need a little murder to save a marriage. Don’t – don’t do that. Oh, my god. Call 911 now. Now.

Ari: Bonnie and Clyde.

Kevin: That was a total Durst moment.

Josh: Topical.

Kristian: (Lowers voice) “Kill them all.”

Just don’t leave your mics on when you’re in the bathroom.

Kristian: Exactly.

Kevin: I think for me it was the Tony story line, is what got most people going, “Help me understand what’s going on here. It’s pretty simple. He’s transgender, he’s transitioning. But it came sort of out of left field and sent some people’s heads for a spin. So, for me that’s the one that people really talk about, my involvement in that. But even for me as an actor, it was amazing to work on and it sent my head for a spin as well because Tatiana was in a totally different zone, a totally different place. So, you know it’s fun to watch, it was fun to work with, and it was great to read at the first pass as well.

And, I’m guessing for you, Ari, it was that final scene in Season 2.

Ari: Well, I mean, that would be the obvious choice but I think, for me, was – I was supposed to die in Episode 6 and then I read Episode 6 and I wasn’t dead and I just kept reading the next episodes –

Kristian: When’s it going to happen?

Ari: When am I going to die? When am I going to die? So, for me, personally, the fact that I didn’t die – that was pretty big. And then, I guess, the rest of it, too.

I can only imagine the texts or emails or calls that you get from your family and friends like, “What the hell?”

Kevin: Well, that’s one of the best things about the show, that nothing’s forbidden.

Josh: No one’s safe.

Kevin: No one’s safe. I think when the first body got dropped –

Ari: That’s the scariest thing ever.

Kevin: Yeah, when the first body got dropped, I think everyone sort of went, “Oh – “ in Season 1. You know, there was a bottle of scotch that was handed out and there was a little ceremony as he left us. But, now we all know that there is no safe place to hide.

Kristian: If you show up to a script read through and there is a bottle of scotch –

Kristian: There’s a bottle of scotch sitting on the table –

Kevin: You know that something has changed, there have been revisions overnight.

Josh: For me, I guess the thing I got the biggest reaction about, probably the Episode 8 of the second season when Scott figures out that Cosima is in fact a clone and when he has about 30 seconds to deal with that news and move on. And, then, of course, the pencil scene. That is probably the major one. My mom is the only one that caught it. My mom saw me from the back and said, “That’s you.” I was there watching it with her and she was sitting back. My brother and my dad were sitting there kind of watching, and as soon as it went on my mother leaned forward and was like, “What are you doing there?” And I didn’t even turn around yet. She was like, “I know that slouch.”

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