Jonathan Keltz Teases Reign Season 3

During last month’s Producers Ball at the Toronto International Film Festival, we briefly chatted with Jonathan Keltz about the upcoming season of Reign. Here’s what he had to tease about his role at court, whether or not there’s hope for a Leith and Greer reunion, and how a certain gal named Elizabeth is going to shake things up in Season 3! And catch the season premiere of Reign, tonight at 8/7c on The CW.

What is Leith up to when we first run into him in Season 3?

I’ve still got my same gig from last year. I am the princess’ bodyguard. Mainly it’s protecting and keeping Claude out of trouble.

So you’re the Kevin Costner to her Whitney Houston?

Exactly, with a little less singing, but the same amount of stoic bodyguard.

How have things changed now that Queen Elizabeth has come into play?

It has definitely changed the dynamic of the show. We’re spending a lot of time in the English court. We’re seeing how that operates versus how it operates in France. It’s very much queen verses queen. And Katherine is still a queen, so the shows really becomes about three queens. It’s exciting. We’ve got a lot of new people and Rachel [Skarsten], who plays Elizabeth, is wonderful. She’s an old friend, so it’s great having her on the show.

What about Greer? Is there still a chance that her romance with Leith will be rekindled?

Greer, unfortunately, I think that our paths have separated. She turned Leith down for marriage twice, and you can’t come back from that. She’s a successful business woman, and everything that she did in helping overtake the siege was instrumental, so she’s now welcome back at court. Once again, she is one of Mary’s ladies, and very much reinvigorated that friendship.

Photo Courtesy of The CW

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