With Love Countdown Day 2: Isis King and Todd Grinnell

On Day 2 of our countdown to the premiere of Prime Video original series, With Love, series stars Isis King and Todd Grinnell discuss their roles and the relationship between their characters.

Isis King plays Dr. Sol Perez, Jorge Jr (Mark Indelicato) and Lily’s (Emeraude Toubia) cousin on their mom’s side. Sol is a trans, non-binary oncology resident who loves their job and is focused on their career. Todd Grinnell is Dr. Miles Murphy, a big-hearted reconstructive plastic surgeon and Sol’s coworker at the hospital. Miles is smitten with Sol, and Sol begins to open themself up to the possibility of love.

I fell in love with this duo the instant I met them on With Love, and I have a feeling viewers are going to be cheering for them throughout the season. Oh, and in case you were wondering, the couple portmanteau according to Todd and Isis is “SMILES,” so don’t be surprised if you see #TeamSmiles trending on social media once everyone meets them this weekend.

My time with Isis and Todd was brief, but here is what they shared with me during our chat.

It’s so beautiful to see a friendship blossom into something more, but I like that this storyline doesn’t shy away from the realities of trying to balance personal and personal lives. As the story progresses, does that balance continue to pose a challenge for Sol and Miles?

Isis: Sol is so busy having a booming career, which is something we don’t see for trans characters. She has an amazing career as an oncologist, and supportive friends and family. They are happy and content, and maybe things in the past led them to think that this is enough. Then they get this rude awakening that no, there’s something more out there for you. And you deserve more. That’s where Sol and Miles meet, and you see what happens from there. I like that each episode jumps [forward in time] so you can get a real idea of what can possibly happen with the relationship.

Todd, what was it about this series and your role that made you want to be a part of it?

Todd: I love this series. It’s unique, and it’s the first time a story like this has been told on television. For any actor, that is a dream. It’s always been important for me to make television that matters, that says something that matters. This show is so inclusive, and about representation without trying to teach anybody anything. It’s woven into the fabric of the show pretty seamlessly. It’s a huge gift [to be a part of it] and very exciting.


All five episodes of With Love are available Friday, December 17th, on Prime Video in Canada and the US. And if you missed Day 1 of the countdown with creator/EP/star Gloria Calderón Kellett, you can read it here.

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