Inside SDCC 2014: Teen Wolf’s Holland Roden

The non-stop “Inside SDCC 2014″ action continues with some more from the Teen Wolf cast. This one features Holland Roden, a character that’s had one of the most fascinating journeys so far on the series. We’ve got the full clip plus some highlights below!

  • Holland revealed that being a Banshee is part of Lydia’s family history, and we’re going to find out why it’s a part of her family.
  • We will learn a bit about Lydia’s childhood, plus meet more of her extended family.
  • There is a love interest for Lydia, but she was elusive as to whether or not it may be Deputy Parrish. She did say that Lydia experiences “romantic freedoms” throughout this season.
  • Holland thinks that Lydia has mixed emotions about Malia and Stiles’ relationship.
  • Lydia is an overachiever, and Holland joked about her character’s secret to maintaining good grades.


Photo and video by Melissa Girimonte. Copyright © 2014

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