I’m Thankful for the Gilmore Girls

Confession: I am not an OGG. That’s Original Gilmore Girls fan. Before I get into my preview of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, I have to go back to the beginning of my love affair with the show. It wasn’t until 2009 that I started the series, prompted by my good friend Patricia, and a charity sale where I got the complete series on DVD for forty bucks. My seven season binge began in November, and following a chilly winter where I barely left the house except for a couple of epic bus trips from Toronto to NYC, it ended in April 2010. Needless to say, I left my heart in Stars Hollow.

Fast forward to 2016. We’re less than 24 hours away from the release of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life on Netflix — something that only existed in my wildest dreams — and I can say that it was all that I had hoped for and more!

Stars Hollow and its residents are still as quirky as ever, which is a great contrast to this state of uncertainty the three Gilmore women find themselves in. Lorelai, Rory, and Emily each find themselves at a crossroads in their lives. I can’t get into specifics, but I can say that I related to one theme in particular: staying in your comfort zone versus taking a risk. When I first started watching Gilmore Girls, I was at a point like that in my life. On those sleepless nights, I took comfort in the world of Stars Hollow.

While I love Lorelai and Rory’s journeys in this story, I have to say I was absolutely captivated by Emily Gilmore’s arc. Kelly Bishop delivers an Emmy-worthy performance that will really stick with you when it’s all over. Plus, so many familiar faces have returned, and there are even a few fun surprises!

For six hours, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life transported me to a familiar, friendly place. It hit all of the marks that I wanted it to without feeling like pandering or fan service. At the end of it, I was left with a sense of hope, that anything is possible, and to never give up on those dreams.

If you’re counting down the hours until you can begin your binge watch, here’s some advice to prepare: get those snacks ready, fill your coffee cup, put on your most comfy clothes, and let yourself be taken away. Oh, and it wouldn’t hurt to have some tissues on standby.

As for those final four words? You’ll just have to wait and hear them for yourself!

Photo Courtesy of Netflix

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