Getting to the Heart of Ava with Justified’s Joelle Carter

I hope you’re all enjoying the second season of Justified as much as I am. Recently, we got the inside scoop from Joelle Carter, who plays Ava, on her character’s journey and her relationships with the other characters …

On what attracted her to the part:

“I think it was the contradiction of her being this victim and yet being so bold and strong to seduce a man right after she shot her husband, who had put her in a very trying and confined relationship for so long. I felt like they’re giving me the freedom by the way this is written to be this soft, vulnerable character, but to have a lot of strength to decide to live and go out and also try to figure out who she really is. So she has to be able to discover that. It’s really loaded.”

On Boyd and Ava’s relationship:

“She has a big heart and she really loves the idea that everyone can change and in the beginning I think she wanted to take a chance on that with Boyd, and I believe as its progressing, they’re kind of falling for each other a little bit and she wants to help him out because of these feelings she’s having … I believe he’s kind of always been in love with her and she really finds him interesting … We’ll see what happens!”

On working with Walton Goggins:

“Working with Walton is such a wonderful experience. He’s a dynamic actor and you never worry that there won’t be something on the other side of the table coming at you. So, it’s really exciting and it’s an honor.”

On Ava’s feelings for Raylan this season:

“I think Ava really fell hard for Raylan. She’s still got some scars there that she has to deal with. Sometimes love and hate are really close together.”

On the difference between Winona and Ava:

“Winona, she knows kind of what she wants, her picture of her and Raylan in the end … him doing a job when he comes home, does the work nine to five. For Ava, I think she’s really just looking for love and someone that’s dedicated to her and for someone that will respect her and won’t hurt her.”

On Ava’s journey this season:

“I was promised something at the beginning of the season and it’s kind of unfolding, so when you finally get to a place where you’re like, ‘Well, I think this is when it’s happening now’ or ‘This is when she’s making big decisions,’ it’s very gratifying. Yet for Ava, it’s like when you put one foot forward and then you take a half step back a little bit. She’s trying to go forward with some of it and then she’s not sure about some of it. So, it’s a little more complicated than just knowing exactly what you’re going to play.”

Don’t miss Joelle Carter in the next episode of Justified, which promises to have some Ava and Boyd goodness. Tune in to FX this Wednesday at 10/9c.

Photo Courtesy of FX

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