Harold Perrineau Teases Boyd’s Arc in Season 2 of FROM

Harold Perrineau Teases Boyd’s Arc in Season 2 of FROM

Following an epic end to Season 1, FROM finally returns this week with its second season. Ahead of the premiere, I had a chance to chat with Harold Perrineau about what’s in store for Boyd this year.

Catch up on Season 1 now, and watch Season 2 of FROM beginning April 23, 2023 on MGM+ in the US and on Paramount+ in Canada.

In Season 1, the idea was floated around about coincidence versus destiny — whether or not everyone who is in this town was supposed to end up there — and those questions continue in Season 2. How does that aspect play into Boyd’s storyline this year?

That sort of question is one that is posed not so much by Boyd, but by Jim [Eoin Bailey]. Are they supposed to be there? Were they guided there? Were they sent there? Is this all happenstance? For Boyd, he continues to struggle to get everyone out. But it does become this way bigger question when many, many things happen. We start to say, “Hold on. Is this a setup? Are we all put here for some specific reason?” When they start asking those questions, it turns up the gears a little bit more about where they are and how they got there. Who else is here? Why is this here? It turns it way up.

Harold Perrineau as Boyd in Season 2 of FROM

While a bus was pulling into town in the Season 1 finale, Boyd was on a mission. We last saw him going into a tree that quickly turned into something else. What can you share about where we find Boyd at the start of Season 2?

As you might imagine, if you get pushed into a tree, and that tree then transports you into a cave, you might be a little confused about what life really is. That’s where we find Boyd at the very beginning of Season 2. In that moment, he’s got to figure out what’s going on, and how to get out of that. As things keep evolving and moving, he has to start asking the question: is any of this real? Because it’s so outrageous. If it is — or isn’t– real, what is there to do about it? It’s the thing that starts to splinter his brain. That splinter turns into a crack, and then turns into a full fracture as the season goes on.

Harold Perrineau as Boyd Stevens on FROM

Without getting into specifics, what are you able to tease about this new season and how the stakes have been raised even higher than in the first season?

When you get to the end of Season 2, you are going to be screaming. It’s so good. I remember that when I finished reading the script, I picked up my phone and I called John [Griffin] and I was like, “Yo! What?” I want you to hang in there until then — and you’ll enjoy it! But when you get there, we should talk again because it’s so good.

As someone who often visits Nova Scotia, where FROM is filmed, I have to say that I’ll never look at driving those roads the same way again. It has a very different vibe since I started watching this show.

There’s been a lot of storms [in Nova Scotia] and anywhere you go, if there’s a tree down, you start asking yourself, “Where are we?” It’s a funny feeling.

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