It’s a Wrap on the 2014 Golden Globes!

The Golden Globes are definitely a strange awards show. On the one hand, they’re usually a lot more fun than their counterparts. The hosts are funnier, the stars are drunker and there are so many high-profile awards to slam into three hours that filler is kept to a minimum. Plus it’s really the only time we get to see TV and movies honoured on the same night. But on the other hand, the actual voting for the awards is done by a very small group of people (who seem fairly stuffy and out of touch). Depending on the year, they can either highlight what’s actually going on in the industry or be a complete red herring.

I think I was so busy being enraged by the film awards last night that I didn’t realize until I looked at the list separately that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association made some awesome choices for the TV awards.

Let’s break it down!

Best Supporting Actor/Actress in any type of TV – It’s hard to even discuss this category because it’s so completely absurd that they slam comedy, miniseries and drama into one tiny category where supporting actors have a chance to be rewarded. Jacqueline Bissett won for her role in Dancing on the Edge, while Jon Voight took home the trophy for his part in the Showtime series Ray Donovan. I haven’t seen either, so I can’t accurately judge whether they deserved it, but it seems like a lot of “yay old while people!” to me. Aaron Paul definitely should have taken best supporting actor for Breaking Bad.

Best Actor/Actress in a Mini-series or Made for TV Movie – This is a category that usually leaves me cold because I haven’t actually watched the content. But I was happy to see Elizabeth Moss win for something, which in this case happened to be her performance in Top of the Lake. It was no surprise that Michael Douglas earned a trophy for Behind the Candelabra after it swept the Emmys. But I would like to note that really Chiwetal Ejiofor should win everything all the time.

Best Actor/Actress in a Comedy – Everything about these awards was perfect. Amy Poehler finally won for Parks and Recreation on a night she was already enjoying the spotlight as a host. It was long overdue! Also, to my great shock – and delight – Andy Samberg won for his performance on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The Twitter audience seemed quite divided on this one, with some people immune to the charms of the series and many believing Samberg is just playing a version of himself. (And what exactly are Louie C.K. and Matt Le Blanc doing?) But I thought it was a fresh, interesting choice. Michael J. Fox only got nominated because of his pedigree – his new show isn’t a critical or commercial hit. Jim Parsons has had more than his share of attention for The Big Bang Theory, and Jason Bateman’s Arrested Development nomination was bizarre considering the revamped version was such a disappointment. I would have happily accepted a Don Cheadle win for House of Lies, but Samberg was still my first choice.

Best Actor/Actress in a Drama – Well…they got half of this one right. Of COURSE Bryan Cranston took home the trophy for the final season of Breaking Bad. Dude is incomparable! But Robin Wright’s win for House of Cards left a bitter taste in my mouth. Poor Tatiana Maslany probably never had a real shot for Orphan Black against the bigger names and bigger shows in her category. But I (and apparently everyone on Twitter) was hoping for a miracle! At least she actually got nominated, unlike at some awards shows …*cough* Emmys *cough*. Still, I would have preferred Juliana Margulies, Taylor Schilling or Kerry Washington over Robin Wright.

Best Miniseries or TV MovieBehind the Candelabra. Sure, I’ll take their word for it on this one.

Best Comedy – Again I’m crazy excited that Brooklyn Nine-Nine is getting some recognition. Maybe this combined with the post-post Superbowl slot will earn them a second season?

Best DramaBreaking Bad took home the award for their insanely satisfying final season. As it should be! Or as Aaron Paul shouted out, “Yeah bitch!”

What did you guys think? Were there any awards that you were giddy about…or made your blood boil? 😉

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One thought on “It’s a Wrap on the 2014 Golden Globes!

  1. The amount of times Maslanay gets the short end of the stick is too darn high! I thought Aaron Paul would have been a shoo-in to win, oh well. Samberg winning was indeed a delight and Andy looked just as shocked as i was. I hope it brings more attention to Brooklyn Nine Nine, it’s better than most people think.

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