A Look at Blindspot with Martin Gero & Greg Berlanti

With Blindspot set to premiere tomorrow on NBC and CTV, we went straight to the team behind the new series to find out more about it — Creator and Executive Producer Martin Gero, and Executive Producer Greg Berlanti. Full video interviews from their San Diego Comic-Con press room are below, but here’s a bit of what each discussed …

Martin Gero:

  • The series will explore what makes us who we are. Is our personality still there when we don’t have our memories?
  • Their female action hero is lethal yet vulnerable. They feel lucky to have Jaimie Alexander playing Jane Doe, both in what she’s able to do physically and in the more subtle moments, which they feel is a “rare combination.”
  • Although some have speculated that the lead character was supposed to be a man at some point, Gero confirmed that it was always supposed to be a woman.
  • The first season asks the question “Who is Jane Doe” and each season should feel like a novel with a beginning, middle and end. Jane will struggle with whether she is good or bad.
  • There will be major revelations in every episode this season. Gero added that he knows the end point of the tattoos/treasure map, but that’s not the end of the show itself. Right now, Season 1 has 13 episodes with the potential for 22.
  • The puzzle formed by the tattoos were created by David Kwong, a New York Times puzzle expert and magician, plus a team of map makers, puzzle creators and tattoo artists.
  • They were very happy that they got their first choice of actor in each role, which doesn’t always happen.


Greg Berlanti:

  • He has heard some comparisons to Alias, and added that he hopes Blindspot is as good as that series while being its own thing.
  • Blindspot has a good mix of episodic cases and a serialized story. He remarked that he’s always done more serialized work, so the procedural aspect is somewhat new to him.
  • Martin Gero’s passion really drew Berlanti into the project, as well as Jane Doe’s journey. She’s a badass, yet empathetic.
  • Over the first couple of episodes, Jane will be questioning whether she’s good or bad, which is something we can all relate to.
  • Although Berlanti is an experienced producer and showrunner, he says it doesn’t get any easier although you do learn from your mistakes.



Photo and Video by Melissa Girimonte. Copyright © 2015 The Televixen

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