Gearing up for S5 of Sons of Anarchy with Dayton Callie & Tommy Flanagan!

I ended my weekend at San Diego Comic-Con with one of the shows I’m most passionately in love with – Sons of Anarchy. Sadly, I missed part of their press room, but I was able to join this round table already in progress with Dayton Callie (Unser) and Tommy Flanagan (Chibs). These guys were an absolute delight to chat with, and gave us a glimpse into the remarkable chemistry between this cast, something that I think comes through in every episode of the series. Oh, and Flanagan is freakin’ hysterical!

Here are some of the highlights of the discussion with them:

– There is a distinct difference between the way Jax runs the club compared to how Clay ran the club. This will complicate so many story lines this season. Flanagan said, “You know, we’ve pissed off every gang, every affiliate, every terrorist group on the planet, the cops – everybody is mad at us.”

– Jimmy Smits has been “phenomenal” to work with and to watch working, and Flanagan said that “he’s a very welcome addition to this show.”

– Callie touched a bit on the fine line that Unser has walked since the beginning between being friends with the Sons and trying to uphold the law.

– Flanagan mentioned that this season, Happy’s storyline will be very interesting. He commented that Happy’s “come out of his box this season. He’s coming into play … and I’m looking forward to see what [he] does.”

– There have been several times so far that Unser came very close to making his final exit, and I asked Callie about not knowing the fate of his character every time he receives a script. His response? “Every time I turn a page, I’m like, ‘Oh fuck, I’m alive!'”

– Flanagan thinks that Chibs has really changed over the past five seasons, and that he’s really “come into his own.”

You can watch the full video below, and get ready to welcome back SAMCRO when Sons of Anarchy returns for its Season 5 premiere this Tuesday, September 11th at 10pm on FX (Super Channel in Canada).

Photo and Video by Melissa Girimonte, Copyright © 2012

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