Dominic Monaghan Gets Wild Again

LOST and Lord of the Rings cutie Dominic Monaghan returned this week for another season of his OLN Canada / BBC America documentary series Wild Things with Dominic MonaghanIn case you missed the first season, it’s a pretty simple premise — Dom loves bugs and snakes … like LOVES them.  And he’s willing to go all around the world to track them down! He got up close and personal with some crazy creatures last season and this time around the wild things promise to be even more exotic and dangerous.

The first episode took place in Kenya and upcoming adventures will include Brazil, Zambia, Thailand, Japan and Australia. Lord of the Rings fans will definitely want to tune in for a New Zealand episode where Dom reunites with his old hobbit buddy Billy Boyd.

I got the chance to speak with Dom in Toronto before the launch of the new season. Watch the full interview below, and tune in to Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan, Tuesdays at 10/9c on BBC America, and 9pm ET on OLN Canada.


Video by Jennifer Bragg, Copyright © 2014

Photo Courtesy of BBC America

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